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The smart way to find talent

Why Nurole is perfectly suited for venture-capital backed businesses:

The network effect

Nurole’s technology knows no boundaries - sourcing candidates from our global network and their recommendations.

Human + machine

Nurole combines clever technology and human expertise to offer you the best of both worlds.

Candidate assessment software

Use our software to manage the entire hiring process from start to finish.

Speed & price

Our technology-driven approach allows you to meet candidates in days and is more cost effective than traditional search.

Quick and to the point

How it works

1. Preparing your role

We work with you to understand the competencies that the successful candidate must have, as well as the culture and values of your organisation.

2. Sourcing candidates

We cast the net wider. We notify all members who want to hear about roles like yours. If the role is a perfect fit, passionate candidates put themselves forward. If not, members can recommend great candidates from their own networks.

3. Creating your shortlist

Candidates provide detailed evidence against each of your required competencies. We can handle feedback and rejections, leaving you to interview the strongest candidates.

4. Finding the perfect fit

Our simple, secure online process ensures candidates can be thoroughly evaluated. Up to date information is always available, allowing the best candidate to stand out. The result is that you make exceptional hires from talent that only we can source.

Non-executive director compensation report

Nurole's 2021/22 independent director compensation report includes total cash compensation, equity awards and time spent per role.

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VC Chair compensation report

Nurole's 2020 VC chair report includes total cash compensation, equity awards and time spent per role.

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Our Head of Venture Capital, Ned Cummings, can be reached on +44 203 637 1012.

Alternatively, please complete the form below if you are interested in speaking to a member of the VC team at Nurole about board hiring or about individual membership to the Nurole Network.