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Why venture capital investors love Nurole

1. Broader reach

Nurole gives firms access to candidates at an unprecedented scale. A larger candidate pool maximises the chance you will find the talent to deliver exceptional returns.

2. Candidate-led insight

Nurole's unique candidate-led platform allows candidates to self-select for roles or recommend others, ensuring a diverse but relevant pool of candidates.

3. Exceptional talent

Nurole's candidate pool is hand-picked to ensure the highest quality. Candidates are invited by top venture capital headhunters or recommended by other members.

1 x 2 x 3 = Exponentially effective search

Nurole offers VC recruiters a unique combination of scale, quality and candidate-led insight, which combine to drive exponentially effective executive search.

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With Nurole you can find the perfect fit.

A well travelled path

Selected venture capital success stories

Non-Executive Director
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Doctorlink required an independent director to support the executive team with the creation and execution of the digital product and technology strategy.

In thirteen days, Nurole's platform identified Mariano Albera, one of five Chief Technology Officers at Expedia, who brings 10-years' experience as a B2C digital CTO in the travel industry.

Andrew gardner photo

"We were impressed with the high quality of candidates generated through the Nurole platform. In addition to finding a strong shortlist for the Non-Executive role we also identified further profiles that could take on executive roles as the business grows. The Nurole team was also very supportive throughout the process. "

Andrew Gardner, Chief Executive Officer, Doctorlink

Chief Revenue Officer
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When Pivigo, a data-science marketplace, needed to hire a CRO, they wasted time advertising on jobs boards and engaged a traditional headhunter without success.

In six days, a Nurole member recommended Adam Baker (former DIgital Sales head at Daily Mail group and COO at the Guardian).

Kim nilsson photo

"The standard of candidates that came through the portal was outstanding and we found the perfect one in Adam Baker. We are very excited to see what he can do to help us scale our business."

Kim Nilsson, Founder, Pivigo

Eve Sleep
Non-Executive Director
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Eve Sleep were looking for a new NED, 6 weeks ahead of the planned IPO, who could help guide the company strategically across internationalisation, marketing efficiency, new product rollout and offline retail expansion.

In six days, a Nurole crowd-sourced recommendation identified Tom Enraght-Moony, former CEO of private equity owned Leisure Pass Group, who spent 15+ years leading brand transformation and growth for tech-enabled consumer businesses including Kano Computing, Match.com, E*TRADE, AT&T Wireless and Clearwire.

Jas bagniewski photo

"We were up against the clock preparing for the IPO, so we really valued the speed of the Nurole platform. We got to a shortlist of great candidates in under 3 weeks, and offered the role to Thomas after 6 weeks."

Jas Bagniewski, Chief Executive Officer, Eve Sleep

Non-Executive Chair
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24 Haymarket backed Syrinix needed a Non-Executive Chairman who could offer both international experience and a track record of leading early and mid stage companies to a successful exit.

In three days Nurole identified Adrian Ringrose, former FTSE 250 Interserve PLC CEO who had run businesses in over twenty countries and was part of the senior management team exiting CVC’s investment in Building & Property Holdings.

James dunning photo

"Nurole gave us great access to a level of seniority we would otherwise have struggled to achieve. We’re thrilled with the result."

James Dunning, CEO, Syrinix

Greenbird Integration Technology AS
Chief Sales and Markets Officer
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In 2016 Greenbird received Series A funding to fund its growth and expansion, with the ambition of becoming the leading Orchestration-as-a-Service (OaaS) provider for Utilities and the operators of Intelligent Infrastructures. To accelerate growth, Greenbird was seeking to recruit a Chief Revenue Officer.

In under two weeks the Nurole platform identified Andrew Lund, former Google Cloud Sales & Business Development Lead.

Bill joss photo

"We were seeking to recruit a Chief Revenue Officer to support us in becoming the leading Orchestration-as-a-Service (OaaS) provider in the Smart Grid, Smart City and Industrial Internet of Things industry. Through Nurole we found and appointed Andrew Lund, whose expertise from his time at Google made him the perfect match for our needs. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and were delighted by how simple and easy the process was thanks to the Nurole platform and the service provided by the Nurole team."

Bill Joss, Chair, Greenbird Integration Technology AS

The power of Nurole

Unexpectedly perfect matches


Whole process went very well. It’s a really efficient process that saves you the 3 hours spent on the round trip to London visiting a headhunter which generates the same outcome.

Adrian Ringrose, Chair, Syrinix (24 Haymarket)

It’s a great platform. Quality is your unique differentiator and there’s no other platform that has the seniority of roles that Nurole has. It’s really easy to navigate too!

Adam Baker, Chief Revenue Officer, Pivigo (Angel investors)

Nurole puts the science into serendipity.

Juan Del Rio Nieto, CEO, Viva Gym (Bridges Ventures)

The right people to grow your investments

Find the talent you need

Thousands of the world's highest quality business leaders are members of Nurole.

Quick and to the point

How it works

1Preparing your role

1Preparing your role

We work with you to understand the competencies that the successful candidate must have, as well as the culture and values of your organisation.

2Sourcing candidates

2Sourcing candidates

We cast the net wider. We notify all members who want to hear about roles like yours. If the role is a perfect fit, passionate candidates put themselves forward. If not, members can recommend great candidates from their own networks.

3Creating your shortlist

3Creating your shortlist

Candidates provide detailed evidence against each of your required competencies. We can handle feedback and rejections, leaving you to interview the strongest candidates.

4Finding the perfect fit

4Finding the perfect fit

Our simple, secure online process ensures candidates can be thoroughly evaluated. Up to date information is always available, allowing the best candidate to stand out.

The result is that you make exceptional hires from talent that only we can source.

Exploiting exponentially effective search to find great talent

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  • Mapping - ensure you have systematically considered every possible candidate in a defined market.
  • Referencing - get a 360 degree understanding of how candidates are perceived by their peers, seniors, juniors and other stakeholders, past and present.
  • Interviewing - use an independent expert interviewer to get an impartial perspective.
  • Process management - let someone else manage the process to save you the time.

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With Nurole you can find the perfect fit.

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