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We believe charities deserve access to the best board talent without the limitation of high recruitment fees. Using our tech-driven, affordable methodology, Nurole can help you reach Chairs, Treasurers and Board Members with the skills, knowledge and experience to transform your Charity.

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Why Nurole for Trustee recruitment?

Our technology allows candidates to be narrowed down by experience and specialism, ensuring expertise in the precise skill-sets necessary for your charity to achieve its potential. And with Trustee searches from as little as £3,000, it does so affordably. Charities save substantial costs, while reaching the same diverse, high-quality talent pool as our commercial clients.

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Emily Ahern


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Joshua Dernie

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Fionn Connolly

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Nurole allows you to

Cut search costs without cutting quality

Start a search from as little as £3,000. Because our algorithm does the heavy lifting, our process is more cost-effective. And because our experienced team of headhunters works alongside it, there is no compromise on quality of service or outcome.

Reach further, with greater precision

Our membership pool of 60,000+ board-ready candidates is deeper than any "little black book". Our technology nets that pool with dozens of search criteria - across geography, sector, experience and interests - intelligently matching the most suitable candidates with your brief.

Remove costs of external consultants

Bring the same level of expertise and experience onto your board. Using a combination of direct approaches, membership searches and member recommendations, we find passionate advisors who want to offer their commercial experience to your board. Because members can put themselves forward for roles, they do so from a place of genuine interest.

Reduce the admin of hiring

Nurole's client platform allows you to manage, interview and score candidates efficiently. And we take care of the time-consuming tasks: we articulate your brief to applicants through candidate packs; we create and assess long and short lists; we schedule interviews and conduct references; we manage rejections, and we produce post-search assessment and diversity reports.

Fairer Hiring

Over 90% of vacancies on charity boards are never advertised. When charities use their own networks to find someone who "fits in", group-think can set in. There can be underrepresenation. And Trustess can lack dedication. A more transparent hiring process secures the best talent, regardless of background.

46% of our placements are women

compared to 34% of Trustees

27% of our placements are under 45

whereas the average of a UK Trustee is 60

21% of our placements are ethnic minority

compared to 8% of Trustees

Our diversity statement

Find the right skills for your charity board

Only 14% of Charities feel well-equipped to meet their compliance, strategic and development needs over the next 3 years (Getting OnBoard, 2017). According to The Charity Commision, the biggest skills gaps are in legal, marketing, digital, detecting and avoiding fraud, fundraising and campaigning. We can help you identify your skills gaps, and intelligently match the candidates best-equipped to fill them.

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How much does Nurole cost?

Accessible fees

Trustee searches start from just £3,000. Pricing will vary depending on the charity's size and structure and the nature of the advertised role.