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Open hiring

Change the way your board hires

Financial institutions have faced unprecedented challenges post the banking crisis. Increasing regulatory pressures, digitisation and low interest rates require forward-thinking boards to successfully navigate unprecedented challenges and seize new opportunities. The old search models are broken because they are rife with bias, produce safe and predictable names while being unreasonably expensive.

Nurole's proprietary open hiring platform allows Financial institutions to access talent that was previously unreachable using a research-backed structured assessment process designed to improve hiring outcomes at an affordable cost.

As a specialist in board-level hiring (Chairs, Independent Directors and Committee members) with over 1,000 board-level placements, Nurole is a disruptor which has rapidly become the market leader in Chair and non-executive appointments for Financial institutions.

Organisations in Finance come to Nurole when they are looking for exceptional board members who have a passion for their business, can add deep functional expertise and compliment the diversity of their existing team.

Nurole's team of Finance experts, led by former headhunters Susie Cummings, Tamara Dupree and Michael Goulbourne, are looking forward to hearing from you and explaining how Nurole can help you find and appoint the very best talent to your Finance board.

Open hiring

How it works

1. Understand

We work closely with your team to understand your organisation and the skillset you're looking for, and create the perfect candidate brief.

2. Find

We bring you the best candidates by matching your role with relevant members, crowdsourcing recommendations and approaching talent inside and outside of the Nurole network.

3. Evaluate

We present the strongest candidates through our easy-to-use portal and we'll help you choose the shortlist to interview.

4. Hire

We support you with scheduling interviews, managing rejections and finalising your hire(s).

How much does Nurole cost?

Exceptional value

If you tell us more about your organisation and role, our sector expert will be in touch via email to provide a price quote.


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