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The world is changing rapidly. In order to keep pace with it, real estate boards need to have the requisite skills and diversity. Our unique people plus technology approach helps you access a wider pool of skills, experience and diversity to future-proof your board.

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Why use Nurole for your board member search?

Nurole offers a full traditional search service: we attract candidates; we create long lists; we schedule interviews, and we handle acceptances and rejections. However, we also go further. Our technology allows us to target the strongest candidates from our 60,000 board-ready members by skillset, location and passion. This combination of breath and precision results in more diverse, higher-quality longlists and regulator-approved.

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Samuel Ellis

Real Estate, Housing Associations

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Carla Devereux


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Latest insights

Podcast Episode 19 - Belonging, Togetherness and Performance Beyond the Boardroom with Owen Eastwood

Ex-city lawyer, Owen Eastwood is better known as one of the most in-demand performance coaches of the last few years. From his work with sports teams like England football team and Manchester City FC. Owen is renowned for his unique ability to blend empathy and understanding with results-driven performance. Join Owen and Nurole CEO Oli Cummings as they discuss the role of belonging cues and communities in enabling better board performance.

Compensation insights

Nurole's non executive director compensation report

Nurole's 2021/22 independent director compensation report includes annual and day rate compensation levels by organisation size and type, how many days a year on average most independent directors work for their organisations, the average number of board positions they hold, which organisations are more likely to compensate with a mix of stock and cash and which most often require directors to take an equity stake.

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