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The power of Nurole

Unexpectedly perfect matches

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A perfect match

Why our innovative platform works brilliantly for PE

1. Unmatched scale

Private equity searches often have the most particular specifications. The odds of finding exactly what you need are so much greater because we access candidates on an unprecedented scale.

2. Outstanding talent

Our candidate pool is hand-picked to ensure the highest quality. Candidates are invited by top private equity headhunters or recommended by other members.

3. Precision fit

Our unique, candidate-led platform allows brilliant people to propose themselves or others. They know they not only meet your requirements but also bring high engagement for your role.

1 x 2 x 3 = Exponentially effective search

The scale, quality and candidate-led magic combine to deliver exceptional shortlists, with a calibre and breadth that has surprised and delighted many private equity firms. Especially those with the most demanding searches.

Reassuringly straightforward

How it works

1. Preparing your role

We work with you to understand the competencies that the successful candidate must have, as well as the culture and values of your organisation.

2. Sourcing candidates

We cast the net wider. We notify all members who want to hear about roles like yours. If the role is a perfect fit, passionate candidates put themselves forward. If not, members can recommend great candidates from their own networks.

3. Creating your shortlist

Candidates provide detailed evidence against each of your required competencies. We can handle feedback and rejections, leaving you to interview the strongest candidates.

4. Finding the perfect fit

Our simple, secure online process ensures candidates can be thoroughly evaluated. Up to date information is always available, allowing the best candidate to stand out. The result is that you make exceptional hires from talent that only we can source.

Designed for private equity

Why PE firms prefer Nurole



If your role is sensitive or you are in the middle of a deal, or just want to keep the search under wraps, you can post it anonymously. Roles can be posted without the firm being identified and this does not deter candidates, who understand the reasons why not all roles can be public.



Some roles are uber-critical or a great outcome is needed fast. You can choose to take a 'belt and braces' approach by using us in parallel with a traditional search. We support the pace needed by PE firms, with the successful candidate typically being identified within two weeks.



Our series of processes ensures that you can see all candidates or only review those absolutely relevant and appropriate for your role. Many of our private equity clients are too busy to review everyone and prefer to see our selected short-list of between 10 and 20 candidates.

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Simple pricing

Our model is perfectly placed to meet private equity needs; very particular and exacting searches, fast, with low risk on cost. In addition to success-dependent pricing, we will refund you 100% if you are not happy with the quality of candidates.

Non-executive director compensation report

Nurole's 2021/22 independent director compensation report includes total cash compensation, equity awards and time spent per role.

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PE Chair compensation report

Nurole's PE chair report provides insights based on research and proprietary insights.

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