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We have inverted the search process. So you approach organisations who would never have known they should have been looking for you. Multiply that with our diverse range of roles and spectacular outcomes ensue.

Take charge

You understand your expertise and interests better than we ever could. Instead of letting someone else decide if a role is suitable, we've built a system that puts you in control. Opportunities range from global listed boards to privately backed start-ups and charities.

Roles you want to hear about

We bring the market to you, so you can explore possibilities. Let us know the roles, sectors and geographies of interest and we’ll notify you for all the roles we have that fit. You can apply if you wish or recommend someone you know who's a great fit for that role.

Confidentiality assured

Your registration is utterly confidential and your profile is entirely private. No one else can see that you’re registered with Nurole. Any applications are also treated in the strictest confidence only with the firms involved in the search.

An empowering approach to executive search

Instead of the ‘behind-closed-doors’, ‘tap-on-the-shoulder’ way of working, Nurole has inverted the search process by letting talent find the searches. Surprisingly brilliant fits between roles and individuals result, creating outstanding outcomes for everyone.

Successful candidates

In their own words

Someone in my network saw this role on the platform and recommended me. It turned out to be just the right opportunity at just the right time for me. No other provider can connect people efficiently to great opportunities better than Nurole.

Carla Cico, Forbes 32nd most powerful woman

I was really pleased to be connected with this opportunity, which I wouldn’t have found without Nurole. Through Nurole I met really talented founders building a great business in an area relevant to my interests and experience.

Thomas Enraght-Moony, CEO, Leisure Pass Group

It’s a great platform. Quality is your unique differentiator and there’s no other platform that has the seniority of roles that Nurole has. It’s really easy to navigate too!

Adam Baker, Chief Revenue Officer, Pivigo

Outstanding organisations

Find outstanding people on Nurole

Whatever your current career stage

Nurole can help you take the next step

Senior level

Whether you’re looking for your next major role or looking back on a successful career and thinking of ways to give back, Nurole opens up opportunities at the most senior level. We cover a diverse mix of organisations, from FTSE 100 to private equity boards to specialist trusteeships.

Transitioning level

If you are delivering at a high level in your current executive role and want to take that next big step, we can present new opportunities to you. You may not be part of the NED clique, so currently are not even considered, but your track record clearly shows you should be - a situation that we immediately reverse.

Developmental level

Taking on more responsibility can take many forms. Board level roles hone your skills outside your natural skillset and taking on a non-executive position will be valued by your current organisation. It’s a great way to enhance your CV and become a more rounded board-level executive.

Join others like you

Tens of thousands of business leaders are already taking advantage of Nurole

The brightest and the best global business leaders are already aboard and are benefitting from the unique advantages that Nurole offers. They value the efficient way Nurole brings the market to them and enjoy having an inside track. Why have countless coffees with headhunters when one free membership gives you access to some of the best quality board roles worldwide?

Nurole is different and exciting

How it works

Free membership

Nurole is completely free for candidates. (Organisations pay to post positions.) Most often, membership is by recommendation, so we know that you’re well-respected by your peers. If you don’t know any members, you can request an invitation and our team will review your suitability.

Receive notifications

Based on your preferences, we’ll send you an email when a matching role comes in. You can then see if it’s something that you’d be keen to take on. Whilst browsing the site, it’s not uncommon for members to spot roles outside of their preferences, often with serendipitous results.

Apply for a role

If a role is perfect for you, then you apply by uploading your CV and, for each skill and experience that the role requires, a brief explanation of how you meet it. We won’t change a word of your application, so it reaches the organisation unfiltered and in full. It’s very different from traditional search.

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