It takes transparency to discover the best

We champion an open hiring philosophy because it’s a fairer and better way to find new talent.

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What is open hiring?

Board roles are traditionally filled by approaching a limited group of candidates. Qualified candidates don’t always hear about the role. With open hiring, we use our technology to approach the widest possible range of qualified candidates. That way, you’re unlikely to miss out on the best person for the job.

Our guide to open hiring
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Why open hiring?


Better candidates

A bigger candidate pool leads to better applicants. Competition is more intense and standards are raised.


Imaginative fits

Our biases can restrict how we define a ‘good candidate’. Candidates should be empowered to match their experience to the needs of your role.



Every review into board diversity has stressed the importance of opening up the hiring process to previously underrepresented candidates.

Shaped by science

The research suggests a transparent hiring process helps clients succeed. A study of 11,000 hires at a Fortune 100 firm found that open hire candidates outperformed closed hire candidates on “nearly every conceivable dimension of quality”. Our open hiring process provides best-in-class hiring for forward-thinking boards.

1. Understand

We find and attract the right candidates

2. Find

We find and attract the right candidates

3. Evaluate

We help move the right applicants forward

Find diversity

There are many dimensions to board diversity. We tailor our service to help you appoint the best candidates from diverse backgrounds.

42% women

vs. Hampton-Alexander Review
 target of 30%

30% first timers

as organisations seek
 out bold new thinking

17% under-45

as we attract the next generation 
of boardroom leaders

*Our placements in 2020

Our diversity statement

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