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Board moves - March 2022

Nurole's round-up of the latest board appointments for March 2022.

Here are the appointments made by Nurole in March 2022 - congratulations to them all.

Mark Walker and Dawn Turner join the Board of B&CE

Mary Gavigan becomes Non-Executive Director at TransRe London Limited

Damien Marmion and Samantha Blackie become Non-Executive Directors at Medical Protection Society

Joanne Hindle becomes Chair of Co-op Funeral Plans Ltd

Peter Mather becomes Senior Independent Director at Net Zero Technology Centre

Erik Meijer becomes Non-Executive Director at BBlockDox

Rebecca Allen becomes Non-Executive Director at Miappi

Susannah Nicklin and Sonia Powar join the Investment Committee at Frog Capital

John Cleland becomes Chair of Hotpod Yoga

Paul Lewis and Samantha Bagnall become Non-Executive Directors at FSE Group

Danielle Bekker becomes Non-Executive Director at SkinBioTherapeutics plc

Matthew Taylor becomes Non-Executive Director at a Pre-IPO Automotive Components Business

Ian Cleminson becomes Non-Executive Director at Surface Transforms plc

Osman Qureshi becomes Trustee Treasurer at Palmusic UK

Cindy Lim joins the Finance Committee of AQA

Dorothy Miell becomes Chair of Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Kevin Nagle Florence Hayden and Rishi Madlani become Council Members at the University of Leicester

Juliet Oosthuysen becomes Governor at Staffordshire University

Joanna Price becomes Chair at the University College of Osteopathy

Paul Layzell becomes Chair Designate of Herts for Learning

Abigail Dombey, Jackie Burn, George Scott and Arianna Kelly become Trustees at Wickersley Partnership Trust

Weiye Kou and Giuliano Gregorio become Trustees at IRM Educational Foundation

Briony Bowers becomes Governor at Abingdon School

Glyn Clark and Charlotte Heiss become Trustees at The Bridge Renewal Trust

Stephan Burow Bimal Patel become Governors at Kingston University

Kathy Taylor and Sylvia Hamilton join the Remuneration & People Committee at Moorfields Eye Charity

Jon Gisby become Chair of Punchdrunk Enrichment

Jennifer Rademaker becomes Chair of Fine Cell Work

Russell James becomes Trustee of British Universities and Colleges Sport

Joshna Rughani, Saqib Mustafa, Nicola Koppelmann, Kim Chua, Sibylle Tretera and Suzanne Wolfe become Trustees at artsdepot

Laura Tough, Osei Sankofa and Sonya Dey become Non-Executive Directors at Kent Cricket

Caroline Hoare, Matthew Ranson and James Stirling become Trustees at Peer Productions

Laurie Benson becomes Non-Executive Director at Bonhill Group plc

Carolyn Rand becomes Audit Committee Chair at PCI-PAL plc

Alistair Gibbons becomes Chair of the Audit Committee at Integrity Action

Amit Sethi and Richard Field become Non-Executive Director at Blatchford

Erik Shani joins the board of the Riverside Language Program

Cate Ballantyne joins the Board, and Tumai Murombo and Sacha Backes join the Advisory Council at The Copper Mark

Caroline Fryar, Janis Sanders and Lisa Geary become Trustees at The Healthcare Management Trust

Stephen Oldfield and Jon Florsheim become Trustees at The Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture

Mark Jones, Jonathan Lea and Sharon Kindleysides join the board of The Sutton Hoo Ship's Company

Peter Wallach, Stephen Dobson and Sara Popplewell become Council Members at the University of Chester

Helen Higson and Alison Mayne become a Fellow at Winchester College

Gareth Hussey becomes Senior Advisor at Octopus Investments

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