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Organisations need to think differently when it comes to hiring new leaders. The old models are broken because they are rife with bias and produce safe and predictable names. Our best-of-both approach combines a powerful online platform with a team of industry experts.

On every search, Nurole gives you:

  • Stronger and more diverse candidates thanks to our unparalleled reach.
  • Perfect matches as candidates with the right skills and passions come to you.
  • Great value as our tech-driven process makes us much more cost-effective.

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How it works



We work closely with your team to understand your business and the skillset you're looking for, and create the perfect candidate brief.



We bring you the best candidates by matching your role with relevant members, crowdsourcing recommendations and approaching talent inside and outside of the Nurole network.



We present the strongest canidates through our easy-to-use portal and we'll help you choose the shortlist to interview.



We support you with scheduling interviews, managing rejections and finalising your hire(s).

Nurole works with multinationals, start-ups, charities, government bodies, and everything in between

The Nurole network includes the highest-calibre candidates

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Welcome to the world's biggest board-level hiring platform

FAQs for Organisations

What is Nurole?

The global platform changing the way organisations bring the best people on to their boards.

Why does that need changing?

Because the world is changing quicker than ever, and board-level recruitment is stuck in the past. The old headhunting model is broken and organisations need to think differently when it comes to hiring new leaders. 

What’s wrong with headhunters?

Nothing – we have in-house expert headhunters. But we do think there’s quite a lot wrong with the old headhunting processes, secretive searches that throw up safe and predictable names. We identify both obviously suitable candidates and make more imaginative matches, empowering brilliant people to apply for roles that match their skills, experience and passions. 

That old model can also be really expensive, which rules out smaller companies and charities.

So is Nurole like a jobs board?

No, each member is individually approved by the Nurole team and we work with you to craft the perfect role post. That means you only get applications from high-quality people with the right blend of skills and experiences you need.

That sounds good but I do like the human touch…

We get that. That’s why our best-of-both approach combines a powerful online platform with a team of industry experts. Upgrade to our premium add-ons and we can help you get even more from our platform, from approaching candidates not yet in our network to suggesting shortlists and arranging referencing.

What kind of organisations use Nurole?

Multinationals, start-ups, charities, government bodies, and everything in between. Take a look at our Success Stories to see how all sorts of organisations have found the perfect people through our platform. 

How do I post a role?

Get in touch with us and we can help you create an account.

Can I post a confidential role?

Yes if the circumstances absolutely require that level of discretion. 

How much do directors get paid?

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