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To complement the skills of the existing Board and replace Trustees who are coming to the end of their terms, Heart of the City seeks three new Trustees (including a Treasurer) with experience in one or more of the following areas: financial management, CSR / ESG, sustainability, climate action or business growth. (Deadline: 27th June)

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Established in 2000 by Lord Eddie George (then Governor of the Bank of England), the Lord Mayor of the City of London, and the Chairman of the FSA, Heart of the City is a London-based charity that believes that every business can be a force for good and can make a positive difference to people, places and the planet. Through a combination of training, mentoring and networking, it has supported over 1,000 small- and medium-sized (SMEs) businesses to kickstart their responsible business journey over the past twenty years. The charity has a rich history and heritage at the heart of British business and it works with an inspiring array of industries and individuals every year to create real change and societal value.

Heart of the City is currently working with its closest partner, the City of London Corporation, to tackle climate change and make the Square Mile net zero by 2040. Supporting SMEs to contribute will be essential in achieving this goal. Even the largest individual businesses cannot solve today’s major social and environmental issues alone. Small businesses make up 99% of UK companies, and yet their potential contribution to responsible business is often overlooked. The challenges they face in adapting their business models to address climate change requires a different approach that is practical and accessible.

The charity’s focus is to support SMEs in London and throughout the UK to get started on their journey to net zero and to successfully embed responsible business practices in their day to day business activities. It does this by working with SMEs to create their responsible business strategy. The charity’s SME members benefit from its practical foundations for responsible business programme and its climate for SMEs programme that both offer hands-on and practical training events, networking opportunities and mentoring. Its unique network of ambassador companies provides its SME members with the support and guidance which they need to thrive.

As well as delivering their training directly to SMEs, Heart of the City is embarking on developing an exciting suite of programmes which larger corporates can invest in to support SMEs in their own supply chains to help them reach net zero and to run more responsible and sustainable businesses.

Role specification

Heart of the City is operating in a very topical but rapidly-changing environment, and wants to seize the opportunities of companies' increasing focus on sustainability and climate change. The Board ensures that the charity is delivering on its charitable objectives and Trustees:

  • Work with fellow Board members to shape, drive and monitor the charity’s strategy
  • Act reasonably in decision-making and leadership of the organisation
  • Ensure the proper management and administration of the charity
  • Use any specific skills, knowledge or experience to help the Board of Trustees reach decisions by leading discussions, focusing on key issues, providing advice and guidance on new initiatives, or other issues in which the Trustee has special expertise
  • Support Heart of the City’s Chief Executive and promote the work of Heart of the City externally
  • Ensure that Heart of the City’s values are upheld in the delivery of its objectives

In addition, Trustees sometimes offer additional ad hoc support where possible. This includes sharing their views on responsible business in interviews for the charity's newsletter, blogs or webinars, and championing the organisation's work on social media and on their own biographical profiles. Furthermore, it is hoped that Trustees will introduce Heart of the City to potential SME members and corporate partners, and, if possible, host a meeting of the Board.

Person specification

To complement the skills of the existing Board and replace Trustees who are coming to the end of their terms, Heart of the City seeks three new Trustees (including a Treasurer) with experience in one or more of the following areas: financial management, CSR / ESG, sustainability, climate action or business growth.

Business growth: Heart of the City's hopes to almost double its revenue within the next few years. As such, it is interested in those who have experience of leading organisations through similar stages of growth.

Financial management: Given its plans for growth, the charity would welcome interest from those with accountancy / audit / finance expertise and experience of financial reports to ensure appropriate oversight.

Sustainability / climate action: A key focus for Heart of the City is supporting SMEs in London to tackle climate change and transition to net zero so it is interested in those with experience in this area and the broader sustainable business sector.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) / ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance): A core part of the charity's work is its responsible business programme and, as such, interest is also welcomed from those who have led CSR / ESG strategies.

Board Composition

Sushil Saluja, Chair
Carmen Whitelock
Fiona Clark
Giles French
Keith Bottomley
Martin Powell
Nick Turner
Rachel Engel
Rob Elder

The Council of Members can be seen here.

Terms of appointment

The role is unremunerated, but reasonable pre-agreed travel expenses will be reimbursed. Trustees are appointed for a three-year term and usually serve two terms. In exceptional cases a further term of three years may be agreed by the Board.

Trustees are asked to attend:

  • Four meetings per year (usually two hours in the working day, including one away-day in October)
  • Optional Council meetings (twice a year for 1-1.5hrs)
  • One of the Board sub-committees or working groups (usually 1-2hrs in the working day, 3-4 times a year)
  • At least one of the Mansion House leadership events (the annual Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards Dinner in September and / or the new SME member recruitment reception in November)
  • One Heart of the City workshop or surgery event in the year

Meetings usually take place in central London but there can be flexibility on Trustees joining virtually as necessary. Outside of Board and Committee meetings, staff may seek to consult with Trustees on particular subjects.

The deadline for consideration is 27th June.

If you would like to register your interest, please do so below. A member of the Nurole team will be in touch ahead of the deadline to let you know how to progress your application.