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How will it will help my non-executive career?


Become a stronger board operator

Tap into the collective wisdom of our network. Nurole curates support, insight and advice to help you thrive in your board roles.


Obtain more board roles

Prepare yourself for the next step up in your portfolio career by increasing the value you deliver to your Chair and organisation.


Grow your network

Find like-minds to help navigate your non-executive journey, and hear about more opportunities through word-of-mouth.

What's included?

Our community events provide members a regular drumbeat of opportunities to learn from the experiences of other board operators, which helps put theory to practice and takes you beyond the textbook. This is complemented by regular support and resources from the Nurole team, maximising the value you receive from the community.

Join now at an introductory rate of £29 / month

Private board community app & discussions
Online networking events based on common board challenges
Q&As with expert NED panels
Drop-in career surgeries with Nurole consultants
Curated list of top board roles from outside Nurole
Monthly mastermind sessions exclusively for non-executives

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Nurole Board Community FAQs

What is the Nurole Board Community? Who is it for?

The Board Community is a new service aimed at members looking for additional support, resources and networking to achieve their board-level goals. This is usually either to become a more effective board operator to bring more value to their organisations, or to become a stronger board candidate to land their next board role.

What is included?

We organise a themed fireside chat with experienced board members and a peer discussion for knowledge sharing and networking once a month. Members also benefit on an ongoing basis from our community platform for tackling new problems collectively, access to previous event insights, and phone support to help maximise membership value from being in the community.

What’s the difference between this and my basic Nurole membership?

Basic Nurole membership is for those actively or passively looking for a new board role. It allows you to browse and apply for all board positions listed on our platform. We also notify you when a role closely matches your profile and interests. This is free of charge and has not changed.

Membership of the Board Collective is for those looking for additional support and resources beyond access to relevant board roles. It unlocks curated content and community for members to gather new knowledge and insights. It is a paid offering.

What is the price?

Currently it is an introductory rate of £29/month including VAT. You can cancel at any time.

How do I join?

If you already have basic Nurole membership - you can click here and start your subscription.

If you do not currently have basic Nurole membership - our member services team will fast track the account setup process so you can start your subscription. Please choose a convenient time here.