Frequently asked questions

What is Nurole?

Nurole is a website for board and C-level (CEO, CFO, CMO etc.) hiring, built upon a pre-vetted global network of the best executive and non-executive talent.

Public and private companies, government, non-profits and headhunters can post a role, which is then emailed directly to those members that have expressed a specific interest in that type of role. Our members can then choose to apply for the role and can also recommend from within their own network. This approach, of using technology to flip the traditional search process on its head, consistently generates exceptional candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Nurole offers a higher probability of finding the right candidate, achieving greater diversity and reaching a better outcome, faster.

Why should I use Nurole?

Nurole offers a number of benefits that can overcome the limitations of the traditional search process:

Reach: the traditional search process is limited in its reach. It requires someone to call up prospective candidates to ask if they would be interested, which takes significant time and is based on potentially flawed assumptions about whom to contact, resulting in only a small fraction of the relevant candidates being approached. Reducing the number of individuals under consideration invariably reduces the probability of finding the best person. By contrast, Nurole alerts all of the members on its platform who have expressed an interest in a given role type, and allows those with the capacity, experience and a passion for the role to put themselves forward or recommend others.

Bias: a traditional search process relies on the perspective and network of the search firm running the process. Nurole regularly sees industry experts who are surprised when people they know apply for a role whom they assumed would not be interested. We also see a lot of high quality, international candidates who are not on the radar of the local search team, even where the firm has global offices.

Off limits: traditional search firms will usually have a number of candidates who are off limits, as they cannot approach employees from organisations where they have previously placed candidates. Ironically, this means that the more expert a firm is in a given sector, the more likely it is they will be unable to approach a significant portion of that sector, meaning the best candidate may be excluded from the process.

I already know everyone in the sector - is there any point posting on Nurole?

We sometimes hear sector specialists telling us they know everyone who might be right for the role or already have a complete database. It is exceptionally rare that we come across a situation where the platform has not identified interesting additional candidates - often it’s someone in another geography looking to move back home, someone in another sector who spots something others haven’t or someone who it has been assumed would not be interested because of seniority or other commitments.

Can I post confidential roles?

Yes - we allow organisations to post roles anonymously when circumstances require it.

What organisations work with Nurole?

Organisations include companies who recruit in-house as well as those who work with executive search firms in private equity, venture capital, public and private companies, government and non-profits. Nurole is also used by leading executive search firms and independent headhunters who have spun out from firms like Egon Zehnder, Russell Reynolds and Spencer Stuart. For further details please see our list of success stories.

Organisations using Nurole are the best and most innovative in their fields. They don’t have time to waste with irrelevant applicants and are attracted by the additional reach and insight that Nurole provides.

Can headhunters and search firms use the platform?

Yes - a number of search firms use Nurole to turbocharge their search process.

How do I post a role?

If you have previously posted a role with Nurole, please log in to create your new role. Otherwise please contact us and we will create an account and help you to get started.

Can I choose which headhunter I want to work with alongside Nurole?

Yes, we can work with any headhunter you choose to appoint. Your appointed headhunter will have access to all applications in the same way as any member of your ‘recruitment team’.

I have a suggestion that could improve the site. Where can I leave feedback?

We welcome your comments and feedback and we are always looking to improve our user experience. If you have any suggestions for improvements please click the feedback tab at the bottom of the page or email us at

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