FAQs For Organisations

What kind of organisations use Nurole?

Multinationals, start-ups, charities, government bodies, and everything in between. Take a look at our Success Stories to see how all sorts of organisations have found the perfect people through our platform. 

What roles do you run searches for?

Chairs, independent directors, committee chairs and members, advisory board members, trustees and governors. We also sometimes help organisations find new C-level executives. 

Who are the Nurole members?

Our international Nurole network ranges from the world’s top board-level leaders to hugely-talented rising stars who have new ideas and fresh perspectives to bring to the boardroom table.

Our members come from a whole range of backgrounds, including banking, finance, law, accountancy, management consultancy, marketing, HR,  media, healthcare, hospitality, military, the arts and many more. Every member is approved by our team to ensure they have the requisite level of experience to make them board-ready. 

How does Nurole work?

Every search follows a three-step process:

1. Understanding the brief

We work closely with you to identify the skills you need (required) and those you would like (desired) in your new hire. We then edit the role specification based on these criteria.

2. Find relevant candidates

We do this by i) Engaging our network of 40,000+ global board-level leaders; ii) Encouraging our members to recommend people they know; iii) Identifying exceptional candidates not yet in our network through our in-house research teams.

3. Evaluate

We produce a strong and diverse long list of 10 -12 people and then help you choose a shortlist of three to five candidates. We arrange interviews and take references as well as rejecting unsuccessful applicants on your behalf.

What’s wrong with headhunters?

Nothing, but we do think there’s quite a lot wrong with the old headhunting processes, secretive searches that throw up safe and predictable names. It’s also slow and expensive, while our model is much more cost-efficient. 

What are the main differences between your process and a traditional search firm's?

1. We cast the net much wider. While a traditional search firm might approach tens of people, our platform reaches hundreds of potential candidates at the touch of a button.

2. Our process is candidate led. We are making board-level search much more transparent by empowering talented people to apply for roles that match their skills, passions and availability.

3. We don’t interview the candidates. Headhunter interviews are rife with bias and, we believe, don’t identify the strongest candidates. We produce stronger and more diverse long lists by letting candidates pitch their skills and experience directly. They don't rely on giving evidence to the 'middleman/headhunter' and then rely on them to transmit that accurately to the hiring organisation'.

You say your process is better than a traditional search firm yet it's cheaper. How does that work?

Because we are using technology to replace the stages of the traditional search process that are typically done by humans. 

Will there be more work involved than using a traditional headhunter?

No. Most clients would say there is less.

How does your process attract more diverse candidates?

Diversity is part of Nurole's DNA. The platform is designed to cast the net much wider than a traditional headhunter, to empower terrific candidates to put themselves forward and to remove many of the biases that restrict many search processes. This creates much more diverse long lists for every role. Read more about how we help boards increase their diversity here.

Do you cover my sector / geography / role type? 

Nurole has helped organisations in 30 countries hire nearly 1,000 candidates. So there is a very good chance we have helped a board solve a very similar challenge to the one you are facing. Read more about how we’ve helped organisations find more digital expertise, bring in scale-up experience and international know-how

Nurole is designed to work for any search in any market and in any sector. If there aren't enough current members in a required sector/country for a certain role, then our in-house research team and referrals functionality will find the right people.

How is Nurole different to a jobs board like LinkedIn?
  1. Each member is individually approved by the Nurole team
  2. We work with you to craft the perfect role post. That means you only get applications from high-quality people with the skills and experiences you need.
How much does Nurole cost? 

Prices vary depending on the type of organisation and the level of service you require from our team. Click here to get a copy of our pricing guide.