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Why Nurole for your board member search?

The world is changing rapidly. More than ever, it is important to have a board with the skills and neurodiversity to navigate it. Our unique 'people plus technology' approach gives you access to the skills, quality and diversity needed to future-proof your board. We manage the search from start to finish - providing expert advice, guidance and support. And we offer all this at a lower price point than traditional headhunting. Commercial search starts from £10,000 and not-for-profit from £1,000.

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2,000+ non-executives hired through Nurole

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Greater reach

Through headhunting + technology, reach 10x more relevant candidates than traditional search. Our algorithm unearths candidates beyond the reach of traditional search methods.

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Greater reach creates more choice

Fairer hiring

A more transparent hiring process secures the best talent, regardless of background.

45% women

vs. Hampton-Alexander Review target of 30%

30% first timers

as organisations seek out bold new thinking

20% ethnic minority

as we strive to empower underrepresented candidates

*Our placements in 2021

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