1. Viewing and rating applications

You can view and process applications by logging into the Nurole admin site. You will receive an email giving you access – you just need to set up a password to log in. If this doesn't come through or you need more accounts for your colleagues, simply let us know.

Nurole has a number of ways to help you manage, rate, and categorise applications (see below). We encourage you to give each application a star rating, which helps us see how happy you are with the quality of candidates; it’s a great tool for ranking applications. You can also add notes.

N.B. Your ratings and notes will never be seen by any candidates.

2. Proceeding with candidates

It’s important that candidates are kept up-to-date throughout the process. We will sometimes warn you that an automatic update is due and ask you to review the status of all active candidates.

Candidates to be rejected

Considerate rejections are vital to our members having an overall positive experience, even if they are ultimately unsuccessful.

We manage all rejections of candidates that are not interviewed, so we ask that you update the platform as soon as possible when candidates are no longer under consideration.

Candidates to be interviewed

To interview candidates, we can use our online scheduling tool. Let us know the interview panel's availability and we will organise the interviews accordingly.

Mark shortlisted candidates as ‘Shortlisted’ on the platform or notify us instead so we can ensure that our records are up to date.

Candidates to be rejected after interview

If you decide not to move forward with a candidate after interviewing them, and have informed them of that yourself, we need to be kept in the loop - please update their status on the platform.

This ensures that they do not receive any crossed signals, such as receiving an automatic update email which contradicts what you have told them.

3. Completing the hiring process


Use our scheduling tool to organise interviews in person or via video call.

Withdrawn applications

If any candidate withdraws from the process, please update their status on the platform.


Once you've made an offer, you can mark the successful candidate(s) as ‘Offered’ on the platform. If they accept, their status can be changed to ‘Accepted’.

Closing the role

The process finishes when all candidates have either accepted or been rejected.

Any questions?

If you have any problems or questions then don't hesitate to contact us.