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Chair of the Hampton-Alexander Review

Sir Philip Hampton

“Nurole drives board diversity in different ways from traditional search, by leveraging the power of the internet to unearth and empower a global candidate pool."

We need to talk about hiring...

Every report into board diversity has pinpointed hiring as the problem. Organisations must not, in Sir John Parker’s words, “settle for the familiar and traditional recruitment processes.”

Informal hires through the old boys’ network produce “more of the same” boards riddled with groupthink. Search consultants prioritise safe and sellable candidates with a damagingly narrow definition of what board-ready looks like.  

Diversity experts have repeatedly called for hiring to be more transparent – which is where Nurole's open hiring process comes in. Our platform opens up board roles to a huge global talent pool with different skill sets, backgrounds and experiences. And our membership and recommendation model ensures that only qualified candidates are invited to apply. 

In this way, we attract the best and most diverse candidates for every role.

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Nurole's Inspiring Board Leader of the Year

Dr Doyin Atewologun

“We sometimes find a false equivalence between merit and talent, and diversity. When we position these debates as an 'either/or', we are locking ourselves into a narrow space that doesn't reflect the talent that's out there.”

Nurole's diversity record in 2020


42% of placements were women vs the Hampton-Alexander Review target of 33%


17% of placements were under-45 as we attract the next generation of boardroom leaders

New talent

30% of placements were first-timers to their role as organisations seek out bold new thinking


14% of members are from ethnic minority backgrounds (vs 12% UK adults) as we strive to empower underrepresented candidates

Insights from our community

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Nurole’s four step process encourages more diverse applicants at every stage:

How Nurole creates more diverse hires

1. Understanding the role

We work closely with each organisation to understand what they need. We focus on the core competencies they need, challenge assumptions and help make sure the search is not narrowed down by bias, conscious or unconscious.

2. Finding the right fit

Our platform is designed to identify the broadest range of qualified candidates. We notify our global network of board-level talent, matching each role with relevant and interested people. We encourage members to recommend people in their networks, crowdsourcing a huge number of potential applicants from all sorts of backgrounds.

3. Empowering candidates

Candidates are empowered to apply and explain their suitability, rather than waiting for a tap on the shoulder from a headhunter.

4. Assessing the applicants

Our easy-to-use system lets you compare candidates directly, rather than relying on a headhunter’s personal impressions.