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1. Preparing your role

We work with you to understand the precise nature of your role and the competencies that the successful candidate must have, as well as the culture and values of your organisation.

2. Sourcing candidates

We cast the net wider. We notify members who want to hear about roles like yours in over 100 countries. Those who have the required competencies, and who are genuinely excited by the role, put themselves forward.

Our members also recommend potential candidates from their own networks giving you vast reach.

3. Creating your shortlist

The instant your role is live, passionate, high-quality individuals can apply. Candidates provide detailed evidence against each of your required competencies and Nurole’s intuitive software makes it easy to compare applications and create your shortlist.

We can handle feedback and rejections, leaving you to interview the strongest candidates.

4. Finding the perfect fit

As you interview the candidates, our simple, secure online process ensures that they are thoroughly evaluated against the required competencies. Up to date information is always available to your team or headhunting partner, allowing the best candidates to stand out.

The result is that you make exceptional hires from talent that only we can source.

Choose how we work together

Nurole can work either with you and your team or a traditional headhunter.

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