Welcome to the Future Global Leaders Programme

Nurole is changing the way organisations hire board-level talent. We know there are a huge number of talented people, currently one or two levels below main board, who are destined for the boardroom. They just need the knowledge, support, network and opportunities to help them on their way.

That's where our Future Global Leaders Programme comes in. The specially-created programme of group and 1-1 sessions is designed to help the board leaders of tomorrow take on their first board role. Our aim is that at least 50% of participants will find a NED or Trustee role within 12 months.

The FGLP programme costs £20,000. Email us to find out more or click here to book a call.

What the FGLP Programme Offers


Access to 12 events tailored to the needs of first-time board members. The events will be split into three terms with no more than six participants in each group.


The chance to connect with other high-flyers from different organisations. Participants will be given a peer support group that changes every term to maximise the number of people they meet.

1-1 Coaching

A personal session with a qualified executive coach to explore your passions and interests, discuss the type of roles you're interested in and review your CV.

Nurole membership

Full access to the Nurole platform and the chance to apply for board-level roles in the commercial, non-profit and government sectors.

Structure and Themes

 The 2020/21 FGLP will be split into three terms, with four sessions per term. Themes to be covered include:

Why should a busy executive take on a board role?

How do the best boards function?

How to communicate efficiently and effectively in the boardroom

The different roles on a board and who does what

How to successfully apply and interview for board roles

How to think about board strategy and decision-making

Sector specific sessions, i.e. what does a role on a government board entail

Online presentation training with Anne Robinson

Reports from Previous FGLP Events