Frequently asked questions

What is Nurole?

Nurole is a website that will email you relevant board and C-level (CEO, CFO, CMO etc.) roles that you can then choose to apply for online. Membership of Nurole is invitation-only, with new members needing only to complete a brief registration process to start receiving notifications. You do not need to upload a CV to register.

Nurole provides you with access to a wide range of relevant roles matched to your interests unlike the traditional search process which relies on a third party deciding which roles are relevant for you.

Nobody can see you are on the platform and it costs you nothing.

How do I get invited to register?

The easiest way is to be recommended by someone who is already registered. Alternatively, you can request an invitation by clicking here. All recommendations and requests for invitations are assessed by the Nurole team - invitations will only be sent to suitable individuals.

Who is invited to register with Nurole?

While the decision remains at the discretion of the Nurole review team, typically individuals with the following background are invited:

  • C-level executives (CEO, CFO, CMO etc.) and independent directors sitting on the boards of publicly listed or major private companies
  • Partners in major accountancy firms, law firms and management consultancies
  • Senior members of the financial, private equity and hedge fund communities
  • Other exceptional leaders outside of the commercial world
  • Rising stars who have been recommended by our members
What is the cost to me?

There is no cost for an individual to become a member or apply for a role.

Is there any point in registering now if I am not looking to take on a role?

Yes - for several reasons:

  1. Market insight: even if you are not actively looking, Nurole membership gives you visibility of the markets that interest you without anybody being able to see you are a registered member unless you apply for a role, at which point you become visible to that organisation.
  2. Help others: recommending others for high quality roles is a wonderful way to build relationships. Besides letting someone know you rate them highly enough to recommend them, if they end up getting a position with an organisation they care passionately about, they will be eternally grateful.
  3. Dream role: whether your passion is opera, education, helping the disadvantaged, sport or something else, most people have at least one organisation for which they would drop everything to join its board. These roles may not come up very often but registering on Nurole gives you a great chance of hearing about them without having to actively invest time maintaining relationships with every headhunter.
  4. Give back: Nurole was originally set up as a charitable initiative to help connect charities with great people from the commercial world. That philosophy remains core to the business today as it allows its members to help charities by recommending great people for charity roles, which is often far more valuable than any financial donation.
  5. Mentor rising stars and hidden talent: use the power of your recommendation to help rising stars or hidden talent gain access to opportunities on boards.
  6. Encourage diversity: by engaging in Nurole’s recommendations you will be helping to drive more meritocratic placements rather than simply convenient ones. Our track record shows that this approach naturally leads to greater diversity across gender, race, age and expertise.
Why would I want to take on a non-executive or trustee role?

People take on non-executive and trustee roles for many different reasons including:

  • Career development through learning from how other boards operate
  • Passing on the wisdom and experience you have gained from your career so far
  • Intellectual stimulation
Will any of the information I have entered in my profile be made public?

No. Only when you apply for a specific role will the information you submit be made available to the organisation to whom you apply.

How do I update my profile?

Click here to go back to your personal profile and you can amend as appropriate at any time.

Do I have to keep checking to see when relevant roles are posted?

No, you will be emailed each time a role is posted that matches the criteria you specify. If you think you may be missing out on roles you are interested in, please check your profile settings to ensure they are up to date and your junk mail filters to ensure notifications from Nurole are not inadvertently being blocked. Please contact us if you still think you are missing relevant notifications.

I have a suggestion that could improve the site. Where can I leave feedback?

We welcome your comments and feedback and we are always looking to improve our user experience. If you have any suggestions for improvements please click the feedback tab at the bottom of the page or email us at

Become a member of Nurole

Membership of Nurole is by invitation only.

You can ask an existing member to recommend you or you can request an invitation by clicking the button below.

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