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Our innovative platform can transform your search.

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How it works

1Preparing your role

We work with you to understand the competencies that the successful candidate must have, as well as the culture and values of your organisation.

2Sourcing candidates

We notify all members who want to hear about roles like yours. If the role is a perfect fit, passionate candidates put themselves forward. If not, members can recommend great candidates from their own networks.

3Create your shortlist

Candidates provide detailed evidence against each of your required competencies. We can handle feedback and rejections, leaving you to interview the strongest candidates.

4Finding the perfect fit

Our simple, secure online process ensures candidates can be thoroughly evaluated. Up to date information is always available, allowing the best candidate to stand out.

Broader reach

Recruitment, even at the highest level, is a numbers game. We contact 1000s of interested people about your role - well beyond what's possible with traditional search. And all those people can suggest the perfect person from their own networks, casting the net even wider.

Better talent

Outstanding talent can transform your business. We’ve handpicked thousands of the world's most inspiring business leaders to bring you the choice of the market. All the individuals on our platform are recommended or vetted so we always deliver first-class candidates to you.

Brilliantly perfect fit

We’ve turned recruitment on its head and let candidates lead. Brilliant people put themselves forward, when you might never have thought to look for them. You get great choice plus the extra sparkle that comes from their high interest. And often the best fits emerge from unexpected places.

The right outcome is everything

Finding the right talent can transform a business. Nurole's vast reach and pre-vetted pool, combines with our unique, candidate-led process to make your search exponentially effective.

Our Customers

In their own words

kevin parry

Nurole’s global pool offers candidates not on traditional radar screens. The platform deepens and widens inclusion. We simply wouldn’t have found these candidates using a traditional executive search process.

Kevin Parry, Chair, ICG PLC
tom maddison

I was astounded at the quality and breadth of candidates produced by the platform. This was a challenging search and not only was the quality of candidates great but so was the service provided by Nurole.

Tom Maddison, Head of Talent, HgCapital
julie choi

We were amazed by the number of on-spec, powerhouse candidates we could put in front of our client (a NY-based large cap public board) within a week. This is a real game-changer for search firms!

Julie Choi, Managing Partner Choi & Burns, New York

Find the right talent

Transform your business

We can work with you or your executive search firm to deliver outstanding results.

Whatever your organisation

We've got you covered

Nurole is flexible and our service adapts to your organisation's unique needs. We have placed incredible individuals into every kind of organisation. Learn about the benefits for your business.

Sourcing high-calibre executive talent

Organisations leveraging Nurole

In-house or outsourced search

Two ways to work with Nurole

Managing your own process?

We’ll work with you to create your role specification and post the role. Our web platform provides all the tools and analytics you and your team need to run a successful process in-house.

Using a headhunter?

If you prefer to use an executive search firm or recruitment agency, we can recommend professionals with relevant sector expertise. Or your current firm can utilise Nurole to cast the net wider.


Need to start yesterday? We can have your role posting live in short order. Present your role to 1000s of potential candidates and generate a shortlist at the press of a button.


Your team can manage the entire recruitment process quickly and easily. Candidate comparison reporting and processing is managed via a secure, intuitive dashboard.


When you’re running a search, the right outcome is everything. Nurole's vast reach and pre-vetted pool combines with our unique, candidate-led process to make your search exponentially effective.


Incredible talent

For every organisation

Whether you’re a listed company, investor or headhunter, Nurole’s been designed to support your process. But rather than take our word for it, take a look at what your peers have to say - our success stories speak for themselves.


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