2019 Independent Director Compensation Survey

Nurole exposes Independent Director pay

There is an air of secrecy around how much Independent Directors are paid for their work. From start-ups to publicly listed companies, it’s the first question that every candidate wants to ask and yet the last one that they pose. It’s a query posed by organisations looking for new board members too, they want to check that what they are offering is commensurate with the market rate.

The Nurole 2019 Independent Director Compensation Survey lifts the lid on this mystery. We surveyed hundreds of Independent Directors working across all sectors and in organisations of all sizes, to discover annual remuneration, day rates, time spent on roles, investment and percentage ownership requirements, and the average number of positions most Non-Executive Directors hold.

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Find the answers to these questions and more in the 2019 Nurole Independent Director Compensation Survey

  • How much time are Non-Executive Directors expected to give to their companies?
  • How much are Independent Directors paid?
  • How many board positions do most NEDs hold at any one time?
  • When do Non-Executive Directors take equity in a company?