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Audit committee chair


Supervisory Board Member & Audit Chair

Zeal Network is an online lottery provider based in the UK, with origins in Germany. The business was looking for a new Supervisory Board Member and Audit Chair, and were keen to find candidates with a background as a PLC CFO who could improve the diversity of their all male Board.

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In six days Nurole identified Leslie-Ann Reed, a NED and Chair at Learning Technologies group and the former CFO of Metal Bulletin PLC (MB) & Go Industry PLC (GOI).

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Leslie-Ann Reed

NED and Chair of Audit, Learning Technologies Group

(Successful candidate)
"Nurole has been a great experience from start to finish. The platform provides incredible transparency and speed when applying for roles, and the Nurole team were very supportive throughout the whole process."

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Helmut Becker

CEO, Zeal Network

(Nurole Client )
"Nurole offers a fantastic service. We were keen to promote a woman to the board and in just a few weeks the Nurole platform produced several, as well as a number of other highly credible candidates. Nurole even offered us support after we identified our shortlist of six - it was all extremely professional. On top of that, it was great value too."


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