Role type:
Non-Executive Director (NED)

Working Chance


Working Chance was looking to appoint new Trustees to help realise their ambitions for the future.

Through Nurole they identified Susan Round (Head of Talent & Learning at BP), Simon Marshall (former Managing Director at Serco) and Nick Tesseyman (Managing Director, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development).

Susan round photo interim

Susan Round

Head of Talent and Learning, BP

(Successful candidate)
"What I love about Nurole is that it only matches me with roles that interest me – one does not have to wade through hundreds of irrelevant opportunities."

Simon marshall photo

Simon Marshall

Former Managing Director, Serco

(Successful candidate)
"Nurole was the catalyst to a trustee appointment that has been an outstandingly good experience. The suitability of the role, referred to me via Nurole, was remarkably good."

Nick tesseyman photo

Nick Tesseyman

Managing Director, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

(Successful candidate)
"After being recommended to join Nurole’s platform I am delighted to confirm it works fantastically well from an individual’s perspective. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to join the board of Working Chance and it has proven a hugely rewarding experience."

Jocelyn hillman photo

Jocelyn Hillman OBE

Founder and Chief Executive, Working Chance

(Nurole client)
"As a charity Nurole provided amazing value – to be able to attract such a strong group of applicants resulting in three appointments to our trustee board was nothing short of miraculous."


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