Role type:
Non-executive director (NED)

North American Income Trust Plc

Non-Executive Director

The North American Income Trust Plc (managed by Aberdeen Asset Management), launched in 1902 and with assets of c.£410m, provides investors with above-average dividend income and long term capital growth, through active management of a portfolio consisting predominantly of S&P 500 US equities, on a bottom-up basis. They were looking to appoint a new Non-Executive Director who had experience in managing >£500m in equity income funds.

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In less than four weeks Nurole identified Susannah Nicklin, Senior Independent NED at City of London Investment Group Plc, Independent NED at Baronsmead Venture Trust Plc, NED at City of London Investment Management Co Ltd, Senior Independent NED at Pantheon International Plc, NED at Amati VCT 2 Plc.

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Susannah Nicklin

Senior Independent NED, City of London Investment Group plc

(Successful candidate)
"Nurole’s ability to cast the net wider enabled me to put myself forward for a role that I would not otherwise have heard about. The process was managed very efficiently and the role spec was very clear. The requirement to explain your suitability for and reasons for interest in the role meant the interviewers are well prepared, and the discussion within the interviews are more focussed and substantive."


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