Role type:
Non-Executive Director (NED)

JP Morgan Elect plc

Non-Executive Director

JP Morgan Elect Plc, a London Stock Exchange listed investment trust, sought to appoint a Non-Executive Director with knowledge of wealth management and investment platforms, as well as investment trust experience.

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Within a month Nurole surfaced Rupert Dickinson, the former CEO of Barclays Stockbrokers, with extensive experience in the wealth management and investment platform industry. After 17 years at Barclays and having served on 12 Boards as an executive director, he wanted to pursue a new career challenge where he could build his NED portfolio.

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Rupert Dickinson

Former CEO, Barclays Stockbrokers

(Successful candidate)
"Nurole is a fantastic, modern way to connect with senior role opportunities. Their online platform allows you to easily capture your profile and experience, and then provides alerts for roles that you will find interesting. The application and feedback process is also wonderfully straightforward. Within a couple of months I secured my first NED appointment using Nurole."

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Alan Hodson

Chairman, JP Morgan Elect plc

"Through Nurole we found the ideal person for the Non-Executive Director role that we might not have been able to find through traditional headhunting. We were also greatly impressed with how efficient the process was."


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