Chief Revenue Officer

Pivigo is a VC-backed start-up data science marketplace and training provider, offering companies access to the best and brightest analytical talent globally on a freelance basis. Their CEO is one of the Top 100 Influencers in Big Data in the UK and they work with a wide range of companies, from FTSE 100 corporates to the freshest start-ups, on solving any and all people-related problems they may have within Big Data.

They were seeking a strategic Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) who could develop the company's go-to market plan to further accelerate Pivigo’s European growth (with a particular focus on the UK and Germany).

Through Nurole they identified Adam Baker who previously led digital sales at the Daily Mail Group and was Chief Operations Officer at the Guardian.

Kim nilsson photo

Kim Nilsson

Founder, Pivigo

"The standard of candidates that came through the portal was outstanding and we found the perfect one in Adam Baker. We are very excited to see what he can do to help us scale our business."

Adam baker photo

Adam Baker

Chief Operations Officer, Guardian Media Group

(Successful Candidate)
"It’s a great platform. Quality is your unique differentiator and there’s no other platform that has the seniority of roles that Nurole has. It’s really easy to navigate too!"


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