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New Zealand and USA

Atlantis Healthcare

Non-Executive Chairman

Atlantis Healthcare, a PE-backed global leader in health psychology-driven patient adherence and behavioural change programs, sought a Chair. They were looking for someone with an entrepreneurial track record, senior international pharmaceuticals industry knowledge/network, experience of scaling an offer and customer base, and mentoring management.

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Within one day Nurole surfaced Neil Matheson, former CEO of Huntsworth Health, Axis Healthcare Communications and current Chair of E4 Health Group LLC. Neil, a New Zealander based in the US with extensive experience in healthcare communications and pharmaceuticals, was at a point in his career where he wanted to use his skills and insights to help people and the healthcare companies they work for. The PE Fund were thrilled with the value he brought on day one in terms of management mentoring and industry knowledge.

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Neil Matheson

Chairman, E4 Health Group LLC

(Successful candidate)
"As a serial entrepreneur in a relatively small industry I have developed a good network, but Nurole’s platform provides access to specific board positions that I would never otherwise have heard about. It is a valuable tool for anyone that is interested in taking on board level positions in specific industry verticals and geographies."

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Bence Katai

Founding Partner, BXR Partners LLP (PE investor in Atlantis Healthcare)

"The Nurole platform unearthed a great (but not overwhelming) number of very high profile, very engaged and relevant candidates. They provided the right amount of human intervention to nurse us through the process, which was our first with them and we quickly found the absolute ideal candidate. All this at an attractive price point and in record time. We will certainly use the Nurole platform again."


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