Role type:
Non-executive director (NED)

Real Good Food Plc

Non-Executive Director - Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee

Real Good Food (RGF) operates in a wide number of food market sectors and sales channels, including retail, manufacturing, wholesale, foodservice and export. Each of these markets has different characteristics and their strategies will be tailored to the specific market needs but with the common theme of building long term sustainable growth. They sought a Non-Executive Director with plc experience who had held senior executive roles within the food industry and an Audit Chair with plc experience.

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Within a month, the Nurole platform identified Mike Holt, the former CFO of Low & Bonar Plc and Vp Plc, who is also Non-Executive Director and Audit Chair of Schroder Asian Total Return Investment Company Plc, and Steve Dawson, the Managing Partner of BrandGrowth who was previously interim CEO of Bahlsen North America and CEO of Walkers Shortbread.

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Mike Holt

Independent NED, Schroder Asian Total Return Investment Company Plc

(Successful candidate)
"I was recommended to register with Nurole by two individuals in my network. The platform makes applying for roles easy and has a number of interesting opportunities. I am delighted to be joining the board of Real Good Food plc and to applying my skills in a new role."

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Steve Dawson

Managing Partner, BrandGrowth Llc

(Successful candidate)
"Nurole is a digital-native platform, supported by a professional team. You are sent opportunities that fit your expertise, so time isn’t wasted. One of these led to a non-exec Director role: Nurole team members were super-responsive throughout the interview process."

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Hugh Cawley


"The Nurole route gave us rapid access to a good selection of suitable candidates, from whom we quickly identified and landed two excellent NEDs. It’s clearly the ‘only way to go’!"


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