Lutyens da Cunha

CFO - Weybourne (Dyson Family Office)

Founded in 2001 Lutyens da Cunha is a leading boutique executive search firm focused on board and asset management assignments for European, US and Asian Clients. They were running a search for the new CFO of Weybourne partners, the family office of fabled vacuum cleaner designer Sir James Dyson.

They were prepared to leave no stone unturned helping their client find the best candidates. In parallel to running a traditional search process, Lutyens Hutton cast the net wider using Nurole's technology and identified a range of high quality candidates but none more so than Carrie Tucker, the Chief Financial Officer of a single family office, Exploration Capital Ltd, and a high performance engineering business, Gilo Industries Group Limited.

Carrie tucker photo

Carrie Tucker

CFO, Gilo Industries

(Successful candidate)
"I joined Nurole because I was interested in taking on another non-executive director position. However, when a contact flagged to me the Weybourne Partners CFO opportunity it was too good to ignore. While you can never be certain of getting your dream role, Nurole hugely increases your chances of hearing about it even if you are not actively looking!"

Tanya lutyens photo

Tanya Lutyens

Founding Partner, Lutyens da Cunha

(Nurole Client)
"We were delighted by the quality and range of the candidates Nurole’s platform identified for us. De facto, candidates were interested in the role which made our research process more efficient. It unearthed some great wild cards and allowed us to spend more time assessing how each candidate matched up to our client’s requirements. I highly recommend as a tool for executive search firms."


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