Role type:
Non-executive director (NED)

Keystone Investment Trust

Non-Executive Director & Chair Successor

Keystone Investment Trust was seeking a new Non-Executive Director, who could be a potential successor to the Chair within the next 12 months.

In twenty one days, they identified through Nurole Katrina Hart (NED Miton plc, Polar Capital Trust plc and AEW REIT plc) and Karen Brade (Director, Aberdeen Japan Investment Trust plc).

Bea hollond photo

Beatrice Hollond

Chair, Keystone Investment Trust

"Nurole is both fast and efficient; I found a new board role for myself and as chair of Keystone found two new directors through the platform. So having seen it from both sides of the table I can vouch for the quality of roles and candidates. I also love the way they motivate members to recommend up and comers for board roles by rewarding successful introductions with charitable donations"


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