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Nurole's Board Leaders Network helps board members who want to become better board directors. It removes the pain of finding the right forums and people for effective peer learning and networking, and provides a simple but practical curated structure for continuous learning.

The Board Leaders Network was launched in response to demand from Nurole members wanting more than just access to board roles provided by Nurole's free membership.

Each month, Nurole hosts online roundtable sessions for board members that provide opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and discussions designed to make them more effective in their board roles, ensuring participants get the highest return on their time invested.

Participants solve challenges together and share perspectives and experiences to learn from each other in a Chatham House rules environment. It also provides an opportunity for Network members to network with their peers and build deep and relevant board-experienced connections.

Who is the Board Leaders Network for?

The sessions are designed for existing chairs and board members who believe in the importance of continuous learning to keep their perspective fresh and the value of relationship building. They provide an opportunity to discuss topics of interest that help them become more effective board directors.

The sessions are valuable for anyone with a board role: established Chairs and non-executives with organisational backgrounds ranging from startups to multinationals. Groups will ideally be similar in experience level but diverse in terms of the expertise each participant brings to the table.

All participants are welcome regardless of where you are geographically based as all sessions are held remotely via Zoom.



Tailored to you

Your personalised onboarding process ensures optimal groupings and pairings when networking.


Wisdom of the crowd

One roundtable session specially dedicated to crowdsourcing insights on a board topic of your choice.


Peer-to-peer learning

Opportunities to learn together, share best practices and apply them to real-life case studies and scenarios.


Grow your network

Connect with other Network members to foster new relationships and enrich your board career.


Network membership costs £50 / month, with an initial minimum commitment of 6 months (which is one full cycle of sessions within the group).

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