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Nurole Premium Membership was launched in response to demand from Nurole members wanting more than just access to board roles provided by Nurole's free membership. It is designed for those seeking to engage directly with Nurole’s uniquely vast member network and the value attributable to making relevant board-experienced connections.

Premium Membership provides access, support, inspiration and learning opportunities to over 50,000 of the world’s best board-level decision makers. It removes the hassle of networking. It also provides a simple but effective curated structure for continuous learning, ensuring participants get the highest return on their time invested.

Who is it for?

Nurole's Premium Membership is designed for:

  • Existing chairs and board members who believe in the importance of continuous learning to keep their perspective fresh and the value of relationship building.
  • Senior executives looking for their first board role and seeking insights that will prove useful at interviews as well as a better understanding of how they might meaningfully contribute in a board environment.


Following a one-off personalised onboarding process designed to ensure an optimally tailored experience and including a CV review if required, each Premium Member receives annually:

  • 5 x networking invitations: Nurole's online networking sessions allow Premium Members to connect with relevant peers and foster new relationships to enrich their board career.
  • 5 x scheduled peer-to-peer learning sessions: online video sessions with peers under Chatham house rules facilitated by an experienced Chair based on curated topics matched to Premium Member interests e.g. how to ask good questions, setting strategy, how boards make better decisions, how do you validate and challenge the executives’ judgements and recommendations respectfully, understanding the implications of your own confirmation bias on boardroom decision-making, best practices for succession planning and more.

Sample Peer-to-Peer Learning Agenda:

09:00-09:10 Chair Welcome

09:10-09:30 Introductions

09:30-10:45 Facilitated discussion part 1

10:45-11:00 Break

11:00-12:15 Facilitated discussion part 2

12:15-12:30 Meeting review

2021 Pricing

  • Premium Membership is a subscription service which costs £1,000 to onboard and £200 / month (Discounted rates available for Boards enrolling multiple board members into the Premium Membership plan, charity executives, startup founders or individuals paying for themselves).
  • Premium Lite Membership comprising just the networking invitations is available for £1,000 to onboard and £100 / month.


Premium membership is currently closed to new members but you can join the waitlist now by clicking here to register your interest in becoming a Premium or Premium Lite Member.