In this series we look at applications that won people a role, and break down what made them so effective. This candidate demonstrated not only exceptional specialist knowledge of AI technology but also ongoing experience with purpose-driven initiatives, both within commercial and not-for-profit contexts.

Institute of Business Ethics, Trustee

The Institute of Business Ethics is at the forefront of the growing movement for responsible and ethical business. The charity was looking for up to four new trustees with current or recent commercial experience and expertise in either AI technology, cross cultural leadership, branding, or values-driven organisational leadership. The IBE wants to raise its profile to become the go-to destination for guidance, resources and services surrounding business ethics.

Commercial board experience
The successful candidate will have current or recent (within the past three years) board-level (or near to) experience in a commercial context. Please evidence your relevant experience.

I have been a senior technology leader within large international organizations for the past 10 years. I have developed and brought to market many new advanced products in AI, Analytics and Big Data. I am currently both CTO of Company A (the world’s largest re-insurer) as well as Non-Executive Director at Company B, a creative tech incubator for over 100 start-ups and early stage companies. One of the companies we support explores the ethics of autonomous vehicles.

Specific knowledge/experience
IBE is looking for trustees with expertise in at least one of the following: artificial intelligence and technology for good, culture change / cross culture leadership, service innovation and branding, and values-driven business. Please indicate which applies to you and summarise your relevant experience.

I have a background in machine learning – specifically bringing AI products to market to solve complex business problems in the risk, advertising, insurance and financial sectors. I have a Masters in Machine Learning and Data Science. Being an AI practitioner and working in highly regulated environments, the importance of acting ethically is paramount. This is especially true in my current role as CTO of a large re-insurance company where we have access to sensitive private data.

Covering letter

Machines and computer systems are making more and more decisions that affect people's lives – from job and mortgage applications, to assessing credit scores. Understanding the impacts of the move to digitization is what attracted me to this position at IBE. Being a technologist and having worked in the financial, risk, advertising and insurance sectors, I have implemented machine-led decision making processes and digital transformations and therefore understand the types of decisions computers can make, how they can transform a business and what wider impacts they can have on people and companies.

I have previously been a trustee and understand the responsibilities that come with the role. I am currently also a NED for Company C – a creative tech incubator for over 100 start-ups and early stage companies that aims to promote innovation in the UK by providing space, training and advice for young entrepreneurs and companies.

In my professional career I have launched many products and services, several of which have promoted common good. At Bloomberg I led the delivery of a global Renewable Energy Information Platform, aimed at encouraging investment into clean energy sources by providing investment grade information. The rationale being that helping companies to make wiser and more profitable renewable energy investments would promote the overall switch to cleaner energy. I also helped the UK charity Trees For Cities by donating time and resources to building a donation website that aimed to promote the planting of trees in UK cities. This assisted Trees For Cities by increasing donations.

In my professional career I have also managed cross geographical and cultural teams – ranging from Canada, Europe, India, China and Singapore. I therefore understand the challenges of working cross culturally and am experienced in working collaboratively across cultures and industries towards a common goal.

Having read the role description I feel that my practical and first-hand experience will allow me to be an informed trustee and to assist the Institute of Business Ethics in achieving its goal of promoting ethical conduct in business. By having implemented solutions and worked in businesses that are undergoing business transformation through technology, I understand the trade-offs and hard decisions that companies need to make. This insight and experience can assist me to support IBE’s mission.

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