In this example, the candidate clearly highlighted their passion and deep understanding of FinTech and its ecosystem, while keeping the covering letter sincere and straight to the point. They’ve also successfully demonstrated how their extensive board experience and career background enable them to tick all the boxes in the role specifications.

Innovate Finance, Independent Director

Innovate Finance is an independent not-for-profit membership organisation representing the UK’s global FinTech community. Founded in 2014, with the support of the City of London and Canary Wharf Group, Innovate Finance aims to accelerate and consolidate the UK’s leading position in the global financial services sector by directly supporting the next era of technology-led financial services innovators, from start-ups to institutions. They sought to appoint an Independent Director with a FinTech background and experience of government.

FinTech (financial technology):
Do you have a deep understanding of FinTech and its ecosystem (in the UK and internationally) – not just as a theorist but as an operator? If yes, please give one example of your recent experience including any key achievements.
I have ten years banking experience and I am an advisor to a successful New York based VC firm focused on fintech called FinTech Collective. Whilst Consul General to New York I led UKTI's (now DIT) most successful fintech trade/investment team.
Do you have strong and proven strategy skills and experience? If yes, please explain how this relates to you.
When working for UKTI in London I was responsible for devising the marketing strategy that promoted our economy internationally and also led on London & Partners' promotional global strategy during my time as CEO.
Do you have a strong understanding of the capital funding environment as it relates to FinTech? If yes, please list any relevant experience.
I am close to this from my role as an advisor at FinTech collective and working in a series-D funded tech startup.
Corporate governance:
Please list any relevant governance expertise you have and your experience as a Senior Independent Director
I sit on Grant Thornton's board of the Commission for the Vibrant Economy; I was the CEO of London & Partners, funded by both the private and public sectors; I sat on the board of UKTI; I am a NED at the Garden Bridge Trading Company. As the UK's most senior diplomat to New York and Director General of UKTI in the US, I sat on a number of high-level government boards.
Government & regulatory:
Do you have an understanding of FCA, HMT and the wider political environment? If yes, please explain how this relates to you.
Very much so. In my role as Director General of UKTI in the US, I was very close to all three. I regularly hosted FCA and HMT senior representatives, including the Chancellor, and hosted roundtables and key meetings with interlocutors in the US.
Covering letter:
I have a solid banking experience; I have worked in UKTI in London with responsibility for its global marketing strategy; I set up and was the first CEO of London & Partners, and for five years I was HMG's Consul General to NY and Director General of UKTI in the US. Since then I have joined London's tech scene as the COO at Blippar and I am an advisor at FinTech Collective. I am passionate about technology and spent years in NY supporting UK entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. I have followed and supported Innovate Finance since its inception and I am a firm believer that British fintech could, should and will remain a global leader. But this won't happen without a lot of hard work, leveraging the power of networks, breaking down barriers and creating the very best possible environment for start and scale-ups to thrive and large players to harness the power of innovation. I understand government; I understand the challenges fast-growth sectors face; I have chosen to be a part of the UK's exciting tech scene; I marvel at the disruption financial services is going through; and I want to remain a part of this sector, supporting this exciting moment in time with my skills, experience, contacts, strategic mind and can-do approach. I am a team player and know I can provide a lot of support to Natalie and team. Innovate Finance's voice is strong but it will need to be even stronger as our fintech community grows and is faced with more and more global competitive pressures. From events and programmes to lobbying and building ever stronger links with regulators. There will be much to do in the years ahead and I would love to be a part of that journey. I hope I might get the chance to tell you more about my motivation to apply for this role.

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