In this series we look at applications that won people a role, and break down what made them so effective. This candidate set out their specific technical knowledge and sector expertise alongside their relevant competencies, which made for a very compelling candidacy.

Inspiration Healthcare Group plc

Inspiration Healthcare Group plc is a global supplier of medical technology for critical care, operating theatre and home healthcare applications. It needed a new independent director to join its board and help support its strategic growth ambitions.

International medical technology experience
The successful candidate will have experience in a leadership role in a medical technology organisation selling products across a range of geographies. Candidates will demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of the product development cycle, as well as the risks and challenges associated with selling medtech products across different regulatory jurisdictions.

Over a period of over 20 years, as CEO of one of healthcare’s leading global communications consultancies, I provided consultancy to a number of well-known medical technology companies covering everything from clinical trial support, marketing authorisation, launch and post launch strategies as well as product withdrawals, across multiple jurisdictions, including the US, EU, China and Japan. I am not a regulatory expert personally, but I have a strong understanding of the nuances and complexities and have played a pivotal role in supporting marketing and clinical teams as they work through their strategic approach.

Listed board experience
The successful candidate will have previous experience serving on the board of a publicly listed company. Candidates should demonstrate an understanding of listed company corporate governance requirements, particularly with regard to the priorities of the investor community.

I am the lead entrepreneur on the board of a Listed Company and I provide extensive experience to the board in relation to investor strategies given my background as CEO of a business I established which provided investor relations consultancy to leading healthcare companies. I sit on the Nominations, Governance & Sustainability Committee and I am the board lead on ESG. As you would expect from a company that has a business unit that works with pharmaceutical companies on clinical trials, corporate governance is paramount. In addition, in particular in the current environment and given the challenges of Covid-19, our investor community required extensive engagement.

Business growth experience
The successful candidate will have experience driving substantial business growth of an entrepreneurial early-stage business. You will be able to demonstrate a personal contribution to developing and driving a successful growth strategy.

I became Global Head of the multiple award winning healthcare & life sciences division of a NYSE listed business after they acquired the business I established, which had become a major global player. I am a seasoned, enthusiastic entrepreneur and led the growth strategy of the business, from its inception to sale at significant EBITA multiples. The growth strategy was based on securing significant global contracts from major healthcare players as well as expanding the global footprint of the business which was achieved by establishing a global network of healthcare consultancies – the consultancy equivalent of a distribution network. I then went on to lead a team which grew the business four fold.

Covering letter

I find this role appealing as it fully capitalises on my business experience and interests. I have extensive experience growing and scaling businesses both as an executive and a NED. Firstly, leading and growing my own independent business, often working in challenging environments and with complex clients and then as part of the company that acquired my business, developing a multidisciplinary management consultancy. Recently I have found it equally enjoyable to being an investor, advisor, NED and Chair, supporting and working with entrepreneurial executive teams to grow their businesses and organisations.

I believe my background and experience fits very well with Inspiration Healthcare's NED requirements. Whilst not a medtech specific specialist, I have ample experience from my background advising companies in the space. In addition, I understand the organisations core business in neonatal intensive care, from my time on the board of one of the UK's leading NICU & ICU hopsitals. I also have extensive experience in working with Key Opinion Leaders and their importance in driving brand support.

Through my many years as an advisor to senior executives & CEOs and more recently as a NED & Chair, I understand the complexity, governance and investor responsibilities associated with being NED of both small and mid cap corporations and and I believe I would bring that experience, strategic constructive challenge, empathy and diversity to the board.

I am a strong strategic thinker and communications expert. I have provided strategic counsel to senior and Csuite executives at leading global pharmaceutical & healthcare organisations across multiple areas from transactions (IPOs, acquisitions, mergers, exits), investor relations, brand strategy, corporate positioning and communications, working with them through the entire process. I have a depth and breadth of understanding of the Lifesciences sector in the US, Europe, China & Japan in particular and an enviable network.

I am logical (my original degree is in Computer Programming & Maths), entrepreneurial, strategic, calm, thoughtful and experienced, used to working in fast moving, dynamic environments. I am a highly regarded NED and able to support organisations in a positive way. I believe I could make a significant contribution to the Inspiration Healthcare Board and I very much hope to be able to discuss this opportunity with you.

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