Recognising that the leadership, strategic decision-making, risk management and other skills developed in the Armed Forces easily transfer to the boardroom environment, Nurole has partnered with the OnBoarding Officers programme to help match retiring and retired senior army personnel with board positions.

To prepare officers and senior non-commissioned officers (SNCOs) from the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Airforce for non-executive director board roles, OnBoarding Officers runs the Accelerated Non-Executive Director programme.

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Over five days, participants learn how the roles of executive and non-executive director (NED) differ, what is expected of a non-executive director; how to read financial documents; and when and how to challenge a company’s strategy and marketing plan. They also get the opportunity to sit in on an actual boardroom meeting. Overall the programme is designed to offer a critical insight into how both commercial and not-for-profit boards operate and to prepare participants for future NED positions.

Once they have completed the course, OnBoarding Officers recommend suitable candidates for Nurole membership where they get access to a range of board roles across publicly listed, private, venture capital and private equity-backed businesses, as well as not-for-profit. Once accepted, retiring officers and SNCOs are able to search and apply or recommend others for suitable board roles advertised on the Nurole platform and they may also be approached by boards looking for new members with their expertise.

Nurole will donate £500 to a charity of OnBoarding Officers’ choice for every candidate that gets a paid role through Nurole, following a recommendation by OnBoarding Officers.

Nurole’s platform has already helped several former military leaders take on board roles; most notably the former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander of NATO. It is hoped that this partnership will further foster ties between the military and Nurole.

“Nurole is committed to fostering greater cognitive diversity and having a positive social impact so we are delighted to be partnering with OnBoarding Officers to help those who make incredible sacrifices to maintain the safety and security of the values we cherish, go on to have a fulfilling and rewarding career once they leave the British Armed Forces,” said Susie Cummings, Nurole’s founder and CEO.

“Diversity should not be about box ticking protected characteristics. It’s about having contextually relevant cognitive diversity around the table that both helps drive better decisions and inspire a wide range of stakeholders. Military officers have huge amounts of leadership experience, strategic understanding and risk management expertise, amongst other things to offer in non-executive director roles as is already commonly recognised in the US and we think forward thinking boards in Europe and around the world will recognise the value that their fresh and unique perspective adds to board discussions.”

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