What is the Impact sector?

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) definition of impact investing is the most widely accepted industry standard: “Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.” The impact sector is the ecosystem of organisations and individuals that facilitate these investments.

Impact Investing builds on philanthropic efforts by directing large pools of public and private capital towards for-profit initiatives that are addressing today’s biggest global challenges: climate change, gender and economic inequality, and insufficient access to healthcare and education.

The impact sector includes a wide range of organisations along the spectrum of capital, from asset owners and institutional investors to portfolio companies, social enterprises, foundations, and government organisations. The common value uniting these organisations and the potential candidate pools, is that they attract individuals who are mission-driven.

Why has Nurole launched an Impact division?

The huge growth in demand for impact-specific expertise from boards, as well as a rising number of mission-driven candidates spurred Nurole to create a division focussed on this area.

What specific qualities do impact focussed boards require from new board members?

Boards focussed on impact investing have far more demanding governance and reporting requirements than other companies. Underlying investors need to be reassured that investments are not only performing well financially, but that they are also having a measurable positive impact. This complexity calls for experienced and dedicated oversight and it means that candidates can be hard to find using using traditional head-hunting methods – the perfect candidate is often somebody that had a ‘mainstream’ career but also has a passion for impact and is looking to make a move for deeply personal reasons.

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Why Nurole is becoming the go-to platform for impact investors

Nurole’s candidate-led approach is incredibly powerful. It frequently surfaces highly successful candidates with a particular hidden passion for an environmental or social cause, even if it is not clear from their CV.

Client’s also value our sector expertise and track record. Our Impact team is made up of academics and professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the impact sector and professional experience with impact enterprises – read more about our Sector Head here. We work with an active network of impact sector ambassadors made up of industry leaders and executives, ensuring we leave no stone unturned for every search.

Passion for diversity, better governance, and positive social impact is ingrained in Nurole’s business model – we believe in making the world a better place through better boards.

Nurole is faster, more powerful, and better value

  • The impact sector is new, rapidly evolving, and highly competitive, so reach, cost, and speed are essential in this space. Nurole’s unique model delivers much more effectively than traditional search.
  • We can leverage our 30,000 plus global membership base to crowdsource tailored recommendations and find potential candidates across geographical and sector boundaries.
  • Our data-driven approach connects the right candidates to the right roles faster and more accurately that traditional headhunting processes.
  • By utilising technology and a network approach, we are able to execute searches at a fraction of the traditional cost.

What kind of organisations do you work with?

We work with impact investment funds and their portfolio companies, foundations, development finance institution (DFIs), multilaterals, and social enterprises; as well as private equity funds with an emerging markets focus. We’ve found that although emerging market private equity funds are not classified as 'impact,' the candidate pools for these funds and impact investing hires very much overlap.

We are a truly global sector, working with Impact clients across the Americas, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia. Our team members split their time between London and Johannesburg, and regularly travel to Europe and the States for meetings and industry events.

Get in touch with our Impact team

Our Head of Impact Sector, Grace Thomas, can be reached at grace.thomas@nurole.com or on +44 203 637 1012.

Alternatively, please complete the form below if you are interested in speaking to a member of the Impact team at Nurole about board hiring or about individual membership to the Nurole Network.