Nurole was thrilled to reach the finals in the Diversity and Inclusion Champion of 2019 category in the Growing Business Awards.

"Held in the prestigious surroundings of The Tower of London, it was a fantastic celebration of just how far we've come since starting up," says Nurole's CEO, Susie Cummings

Learn why boards find better candidates on Nurole

"In a light-bulb moment back in 2014, I realised that I could harness the power of technology to answer the executive search industry’s most significant, pressing and yet seemingly insurmountable question: how to improve the diversity and inclusiveness of the senior management and boards of organisations worldwide.

"Being commended as a Diversity and Inclusion Champion, recognises that we are answering that question. By levelling the playing field, Nurole now dramatically expands the diversity of boards by gender, ethnicity, age and geography.

"Women, for example, account for 24% of directors serving on the boards of the largest banks and financial services companies in the world. Of all of the financial services board placements that Nurole has enabled over the last twelve months, 53% have gone to women, more than double the industry average."

If you are looking for senior executive and non-executive director roles, Nurole's innovative recruitment platform can help.