Nurole would like to offer congratulations to the following:

Neeta Patel joins the board of Allianz Technology Trust

Sarah Fromson joins the board of Baronsmead Second Venture Trust

Samuel Allen joins the board of Dow Inc

Nicholas Stagg becomes independent Chair of Redhill Aerodrome Ventures

Anna Troup and Trevor Bradley join the board of Aberdeen Diversified Income & Growth Trust

Adam Bastin and Jonathan Cartwright join the board of British Smaller Companies VCT Plc

Dr Amy Ladd joins the board of Intuitive Surgical Inc

Bina Rawal joins the boards of Worldwide Healthcare Trust Plc and St George's University of London

Rene Haas joins the board of Computacenter Plc

Mandy Donald joins the board of Liontrust Asset Management Plc

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Oliver Zipse becomes Chair of BMW

Claire Finn joins the board of Law Debenture

Britt Ide and Peter Bird join the board of Reactive Technologies

Lennart Sten becomes Chair of CLS Holdings Plc

David Robbie joins the board and David Martin becomes Chair of FirstGroup Plc

Gabrielle Boyle joins the board of Witan Investment Trust Plc

Mark Papa becomes Chair of Schlumberger

Hon James Mattis joins the board of General Dynamics

Jeffrey Henderson joins the board and Mark McLaughlin becomes Chair of Qualcomm Inc

Mark Weinberger joins the board of MetLife

Ellen Kullman joins the board of Goldman Sachs

Philippe Vienot joins the board of Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research

Elliot Antrobus-Holder and Pam Powell join the board of The University of Surrey

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