Lobby group CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion marked its second anniversary yesterday by urging U.S. CEOs to adopt a new pledge to engage boards of directors and equivalent governing bodies in the development and evaluation of inclusion and diversity strategies.

CEO Action members have already committed to focusing on cultivating workplaces that support open dialogue on complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about diversity and inclusion. And, they have agreed to implement unconscious bias training in their organisations, and where possible mentor others, so they can effectively implement this training and share best known actions across different areas of diversity.

The U.S.-based pressure group’s membership includes nearly 700 CEOs and presidents of America’s leading businesses, academic institutions and nonprofits, representing more than 14 million employees.

“We are building on the pledge’s foundational elements with the concrete action for boards and CEOs to work together to advance talent strategies that not only drive business outcomes, but reinforce why inclusive workplaces are critical to achieving those goals,” explains Tim Ryan, U.S. Chair and Senior Partner of PwC and Chair of the steering committee for CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion.

“The more we can elevate issues like inclusion and diversity as key business issues with visible involvement from executive leadership at the top of every organization, the more opportunity we have to drive accountability and progress.”

As with existing pledge commitments, CEO Action signatories will be able to tailor their plans and board engagement to the size, scale and needs of their individual organisations.

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