Figures released today by the government-backed independent Hampton-Alexander Review, reveal that for the first time if current progress is maintained the FTSE 100 is on target to have women holding 33% of senior leadership positions by 2020. Currently, 32.1% of FTSE 100 boardroom positions are held by women, this is up from 12.5% in 2011.

FTSE 250 sees gender balance improvements too

In the FTSE 250, the number of women in boardroom positions has risen from 24.9% in 2011 to 27.5%.

Launched in 2016, the Hampton-Alexander Review set FTSE 350 businesses a target of having 33% of all board and senior leadership positions held by women by the end of 2020. “The FTSE 250 is working hard to catch up, but still too many boards have only one woman and remarkably today there are four all-male boards in the FTSE 250,” said Sir Philip Hampton, the Review’s chair.

”We are expecting to see good progress in the number of women appointed into senior leadership roles this year, with those companies having worked hard for several years exceeding the 33% target and reaping the benefits. We look forward to receiving the data submissions during the month of July and reporting on progress in November.”

Today marks the portal opening for FTSE 350 companies to submit their senior leadership gender representation data to the Hampton-Alexander Review. Companies have until 31 July to report the gender split of their executive committee and their direct reports to the executive committee via the portal.

“It is heartening to see the male/female make-up of boards and senior leadership positions becoming more balanced,” says Susie Cummings, Nurole’s founder and CEO. “Nurole was founded to make makes Board and C-level roles accessible to all qualified candidates, focusing on what you know, rather than who you know. Our aim is to be the world’s gateway to the best board-ready talent.

“I am confident that we have contributed to improving the gender diversity of boards and that we will be instrumental in helping the FTSE 350 meet and hopefully even exceed its 2020 target.”

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