Last year, if someone told you that Leicester City would win the English Premier League, that the UK would vote to leave the European Union, and that Donald Trump was heading for the White House, you probably would have laughed… but if you’d bet £10 on all three coming true, you’d have just banked £30 million in winnings.

If you are looking for senior executive and non-executive director roles, Nurole's innovative recruitment platform can help.

We are living in a time where unconventional trends are sweeping the globe; it’s not just in sport and politics, these are also unusual times in business. The world’s largest taxi company (Uber) doesn’t own any taxis; the largest accommodation provider (Airbnb) doesn’t own any accommodation; and the biggest retailer (Alibaba) doesn’t carry any stock. In order to keep up with the latest trends, businesses are thinking outside the box.

Unconventional thinking is also shaking up the world of recruitment, particularly in the realms of technology and diversity. At Nurole, we have noticed a marked increase in boards looking to fill new C-Suite roles like Chief Data, Chief Experience, and Chief Innovation Officers. We are seeing companies hire younger and younger professionals into non-executive roles to gain better insight into the millennial generation. In fact, we have worked with three boards that have hired 32 year olds from our talent pool in the last quarter. Another client wanted to fill a single position but, upon meeting our diverse selection of applicants, ended up hiring four candidates because the strength of applications highlighted multiple key skills that the boards hadn’t realised they were missing. Greater boardroom diversity is a modern business trend, and it is growing fast.

Nurole’s platform is a large network of pre-vetted board-ready candidates, representing a wide range of ages, genders, races, backgrounds and skills. We have demonstrated the strategic business benefits of casting the net wider to unearth the right talent for today’s rapidly evolving business ecosystem, and it’s something we’re very passionate about. But we don’t champion diversity for diversity’s sake. Diversity is the natural byproduct of our unique sourcing process which empowers individuals to self-identify and organisations to find the very best talent.

We’ve reinvented board level recruitment to help search firms and organisations break with conventional wisdom, because for companies, just like football fans and political pollsters, we are living in unconventional times.

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