Recognising that the principles that contribute to good governance are constantly evolving, the steering group behind the UK Charity Governance Code has opened a consultation period to allow interested parties to suggest improvements to the Code, which is due to be refreshed next year.

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The revisions will focus on a few key areas to the Code's recommended practice that have been identified as requiring urgent change. And there are also calls for people to send in suggestions of resources that have proven useful for each of the Code's principles.

Following the refresh in 2020, the steering group hopes to develop a ‘route map’ for other suggested changes to be made in the planned more in-depth revision to the Code in 2023. It states: "This will be useful for people who are already fully complying with the Code and seeking additional guidance on emerging good practice. We hope it also allows existing users to be aware of further changes that may be expected in the coming years."

How to get involved

The consultation is open now until 28 February 2020. To download the full consultation document and respond to it click here.

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