We have been very busy here at Nurole, growing quickly and we want to share some exciting news.

We are paving the way for our US launch, strategically growing the Nurole network to reflect the already high calibre of members like you. Early adopters in the US represent NYSE, NASDAQ board members, star pre-IPO tech darlings, millennial leaders and powerhouse women.

If you are looking for senior executive and non-executive director roles, Nurole's innovative recruitment platform can help.

We have appointed Julie A. Choi, Founder and CEO of Choi & Burns, as Chairman of Nurole USA. Julie has built a 25-year career as a top strategic advisor in the corporate boardroom ecosystem and will leverage her firm's relationships and network to power Nurole's access to high performers. Together, we're on a mission to recruit the top 1,000 board-ready American women to Nurole. We're already over 25% of the way there! We're excited about the prospects in the US market, because 30% of the Nurole network has expressed interest in board roles in the US.

Crowd-sourcing recommendations from our members is the true magic of Nurole. Please get in touch if you know of any companies that want to diversify their boards - by gender, expertise, age or geography.

It’s not just the diversity of candidates, it’s the diversity of thinking. It’s the creativity of the connections that makes Nurole so exciting.

- New US Nurole member and financial tech entrepreneur

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