Nurole is changing the way organisations hire board-level talent.

By combining smart technology and industry expertise, we transform the boards of multinationals, start-ups, charities, government bodies and everything in between. 

While professional skills and experience are always important, organisations often want somebody with a deep and demonstrable passion for the work they do. Whether it's a love of opera or a real drive to tackle a particular social issue, this enthusiasm is invaluable. 

Headhunters rely on their database, which is only as good as the information entered into it. By empowering our network to put themselves forward for a role – or recommend someone they know – Nurole has matched hundreds of high-calibre candidates with perfect positions built on their passions. 

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doug gurr
doug gurr

How we helped...The Landmark Trust

The Landmark Trust rescues buildings of historic and architectural importance across Britain and Europe. It needed new board members with digital expertise and a real passion for its mission. Through Nurole they hired three trustees including Doug Gurr, who had been running Amazon's operations in China, and who has a huge interest in heritage.


How we helped...cazenove+loyd

cazenove+loyd, an award-winning luxury travel company focusing on Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. It needed an Independent Director with digital marketing expertise and a demonstrable passion for its work. Through Nurole they hired Craig Unsworth, an experienced founder and CEO with a longstanding love of luxury travel.

Didem Un Ates
Didem Un Ates

How we helped... The Creative Education Trust

The Creative Education Trust works with schools in disadvantaged areas of the UK to better equip their students for the 21st Century. They needed new trustees with a real passion for their mission. Through Nurole they hired Didem un Ates, an AI partner engagement lead at Microsoft with a long record of running programmes to empower young people with new tech skills.


How we helped... The Rambert School

The Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance dates back to 1919 and is now one of the world’s leading dance companies. It needed new trustees with digital expertise and a deep passion for its work. Through Nurole they hired Alidad Moghaddam, an experienced digital leader and investor who had been searching for a performing arts trustee role.


How Nurole Works...


We work with you to understand what skills, characteristics and experience you need and create the perfect candidate brief.


Through smart matching, personal recommendations and expert research we find the best candidates from around the world.  


We present you with a diverse, high-calibre long list and work with you right through to the final hire(s). 

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