Nurole is changing the way organisations hire board-level talent.

By combining smart technology and industry expertise, we transform the boards of multinationals, start-ups, charities, government bodies and everything in between. 

When organisations put together the profile of who they need to bring onto the board, the requirements can sometimes seem impossibly specific. This can lead to compromise, which can in turn lead to underwhelming appointments. 

Nurole removes this need to compromise. By harnessing the power of our digital platform, and putting every role ins front of so many board-level individuals, we are able to find candidates who exactly match the criteria you need, however specific or unusual those combinations may seem. 

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Nicky Dunn e1467138371202
Nicky Dunn e1467138371202

How we helped...The Jockey Club Live

The Jockey Club Live is one of the UK’s biggest music promoters. It needed a new Chair who could bring experience of the UK music industry and a love of horse racing. Their own efforts had drawn a blank but through Nurole they hired Nicky Dunn OBE, an experienced leisure and entertainment industry leader and a huge racing enthusiast.  

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How we helped...Utonomy

Utonomy is a private equity backed cleantech start-up working to transform the energy of the future. They needed a new Chair with the "impossible" criteria of experience as CEO of a large utilities business, who had also scaled-up multiple companies. Through Nurole they hired Paul Massara, an experienced energy leader and entrepreneur. 

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How we helped...Help Counselling

Help Counselling is London-based a charity that provides counselling for adults on low incomes. They needed new trustees who combined digital expertise with an understanding of mental health best practice. Through Nurole they hired four new trustees, including Keiwei Orly, a qualified psychotherapist with a background in digital marketing for companies like Google and Orange.  

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How we helped... The National Youth Jazz Orchestra

Founded in 1965, the The National Youth Jazz Orchestra runs a huge range of programmes and activities throughout the UK. It needed a new Finance Trustee who could bring advanced financial and accounting acumen and a love of jazz. Through Nurole they hired Alex Spofforth, a classically trained pianist and jazz band leader turned chartered accountant.  

Alex i360

How Nurole Works...


We work with you to understand what skills, characteristics and experience you need and create the perfect candidate brief.


Through smart matching, personal recommendations and expert research we find the best candidates from around the world.  


We present you with a diverse, high-calibre long list and work with you right through to the final hire(s). 

Think your search is impossible?

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