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1. Become a member

When you sign up, simply tell us what types of roles you are interested in - it takes just a few minutes to register and we don’t need a CV.

Membership is by invitation only and is entirely confidential. (If you are suitably qualified, you can request an invitation here.)

2. Receive notifications

You will be notified by email whenever we post a role that matches your interests. You can review the full details of the role and decide whether you’d like to apply.

3. Apply if it’s right for you

If the role is right for you, complete the short online application form and attach a CV. You will receive regular updates as your application progresses.

4. Recommend others

Recommendations lead to higher quality boards for our non-profit and commercial organisations, and they are a way for you to introduce amazing people from your network to relevant board roles.

Additionally, if you are first to recommend someone who then gets a commercial role, we'll donate a portion of our fee to a charity of your choice.

Become a member of Nurole

Membership of Nurole is by invitation only.

You can ask an existing member to recommend you or you can request an invitation by clicking the button below.

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