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Why our innovative platform works exceptionally well

1. Unmatched scale

Through our tens of thousands of registered members, their recommendations and our in-house research team, we have redefined the meaning of global reach. Technology frees us from sector, geography or off-limits constraints.

2. Impressive talent

Our candidates are hand-picked, vetted by us, invited by top headhunters or recommended by other board members. This yields an amazing talent pool of high-calibre non-executive directors, registered globally.

3. Remarkably appropriate fit

Our unique, candidate-led platform allows senior, seasoned candidates to self-select for posted investment company and trust board positions or to recommend others in their network.

1 x 2 x 3 = Exponentially effective search

The scale, calibre and candidate-led alchemy combine to deliver exceptional shortlists. The calibre and breadth has surprised and delighted countless investment company and trust boards.

In good company

Stories from outstanding investment companies and trusts

Non-Executive Director
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ICG wanted two new board members who could bring private equity experience and a successful track record in international distribution of institutional funds and segregated accounts with a global remit.

In ten days Nurole identified Steven Welton (BGF CEO) and in 14 days Nurole crowd-sourced a recommendation of Amy Schioldager (Blackrock Global Executive Committee member).

Kevin parry photo

"The global candidate pool available through Nurole identifies candidates that are not on traditional radar screens. The platform deepens and widens inclusion. We hired a West Coast based, first-time non-executive who had recently completed a deeply relevant executive career. We simply wouldn’t have found her in the UK using a traditional executive search process."

Kevin Parry, Chair, ICG

The Merchants Trust PLC
Non-Executive Director
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The Merchants Trust plc needed an Audit Chair and new non-executive directors. They wanted candidates with experience as a mid or large cap CFO for the audit chair role and with FTSE board and CEO or CFO experience for the NED roles.

In eleven days, Nurole identified Timon Drakesmith (CFO of FTSE 100 Hammerson PLC) as Audit Chair and in four weeks Nurole surfaced Mary Ann Sieghart (former Editor of the Times) and Sybella Stanley (Director of Corporate Finance at Reed Elsevier Group PLC) as Non-Executive Directors.

Simon fraser photo

"We are delighted with this result. We were impressed by the calibre and range of the long list provided by Nurole, nearly every applicant seemed well-suited. Out of the eight we shortlisted it was difficult to choose which to take forward. In the end we appointed two rather than one."

Simon Fraser, Chair, The Merchants Trust PLC

Pantheon International plc
Non-Executive Director
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Pantheon International PLC required a Non-Executive Director who had spent most of his/her career at the front end of a private equity fund making investment decisions.

In thirteen days they identified John Burgess, who held senior roles with F&C Ventures Ltd and Candover Investments plc before co-founding BC Partners LLP (formerly Baring Capital Investors Ltd) in 1986 where he was a Managing Partner until 2005.

John burgess photo

"Nurole provides easy access to a much broader range of searches than you might have through traditional headhunters."

John Burgess, Co-Founder & Former Managing Partner, BC Partners

Laurie magnus photo

"I am a huge fan of Nurole. Having posted roles for three different organisations on its website, I can vouch for its effectiveness in reaching an extremely high quality of candidates. It accesses people outside the normal head hunter target zone and its charges are much more reasonable."

Sir Laurie Magnus, Chair, Pantheon International PLC

JPMorgan Russian Securities plc
Non-Executive Director
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JPMorgan Russian Securities plc sought a Non-Executive Director with experience of investing in the Russian markets.

In twenty one days, Nurole identified Tamara Sakovska (Partner, Global Family Partners), a rising star with regional expertise who was recommended for the role by a current Nurole member.

Gill nott photo

"We have all been most impressed with the process you ran and the efficient support you gave us. Thank you and your team. I am already recommending Nurole to others and have plans to use you again in the future."

Gill Nott, Chair, JP Morgan Russian Securities Trust

Keystone Investment Trust
Non-Executive Director & Chair Successor
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Keystone Investment Trust was seeking a new Non-Executive Director, who could be a potential successor to the Chair within the next 12 months.

In twenty one days, they identified through Nurole Katrina Hart (NED Miton plc, Polar Capital Trust plc and AEW REIT plc) and Karen Brade (Director, Aberdeen Japan Investment Trust plc).

Bea hollond photo

"Nurole is both fast and efficient; I found a new board role for myself and as chair of Keystone found two new directors through the platform. So having seen it from both sides of the table I can vouch for the quality of roles and candidates. I also love the way they motivate members to recommend up and comers for board roles by rewarding successful introductions with charitable donations"

Beatrice Hollond, Chair, Keystone Investment Trust

Standard Life Investment Equity Income Trust PLC
Non-Executive Director
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Standard Life Equity Income Trust plc were seeking a Non-Executive Director with experience at board level, and familiarity with the investment world.

In fourteen days, Nurole identified Caroline Hitch (HSBC Global Asset Management and non executive director of the Asian Total Return Investment Company).

Mark white photo

"The Nurole process spread the net wider and enabled us to reach candidates we might otherwise not have reached. The board is very pleased with the result."

Mark White, Non Executive Director, Standard Life Investment Equity Income Trust

The power of Nurole

Unexpectedly perfect matches


As a candidate, I was impressed by the professionalism and insight provided by Nurole. I have recommended the platform to several of my contacts.

Timon Drakesmith, Chief Financial Officer, Hammerson PLC and Audit Chair, Merchants Trust PLC
amy schioldager

The ICG role couldn’t have been a more perfect fit with my background and I would never have found this through traditional search channels.

Amy Schioldager, Global Executive Committee Member, Blackrock and Non-Executive Director, ICG PLC

The six months following my introduction to Nurole resulted in two non-executive directorships. The site is streamlined and professional.

Sarah MacAulay, Non-Executive Director, Aberdeen New Thai Investment Trust PLC and JP Morgan Income & Capital Trust PLC

Fresh thinking for your board

Passionate, motivated candidates

Thousands of the world's highest quality business leaders are members of Nurole.

Boards leveraging Nurole

Bringing diversity of thought to the boardroom

Four more reasons

Investment companies and investment trusts chose Nurole

1. Confidentiality

If an investment company or trust wants to keep the search confidential, it can be posted anonymously. Many of our roles are posted without the firm being identified. Our candidates are wise enough to realise why not all roles can be public.

2. Return on effort

Of course, finding the right talent is critical, but our clients are busy and many don’t have the appetite to sift through applicants, no matter how spectacular. We support searches for investment companies and trusts with industry-leading services tailored to their needs.

3. Transparency

In a world where corporate governance is under ever increasing scrutiny, showing you have run a transparent hiring process is critical. Nurole's invitation only platform is the new benchmark in transparent board hiring.

4. Bespoke services

We offer tailor-made services to support your search. These typically follow a traditional headhunting pattern but we often also add in new best-practices and market-leading techniques for evaluation.

1Preparing your role

1Preparing your role

We work with you to understand the competencies that the successful candidate must have, as well as the culture and values of your organisation.

2Sourcing candidates

2Sourcing candidates

We cast the net wider. We notify all members who want to hear about roles like yours. If the role is a perfect fit, passionate candidates put themselves forward. If not, members can recommend great candidates from their own networks.

3Creating your shortlist

3Creating your shortlist

Candidates provide detailed evidence against each of your required competencies. We can handle feedback and rejections, leaving you to interview the strongest candidates.

4Finding the perfect fit

4Finding the perfect fit

Our simple, secure online process ensures candidates can be thoroughly evaluated. Up to date information is always available, allowing the best candidate to stand out.

The result is that you make exceptional hires from talent that only we can source.

Success-based fees

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We are confident in our ability to deliver outstanding candidates to create the better boardrooms that we believe investment companies and trusts deserve. We know that getting the right candidates is much more important to you than getting your money back, but we are putting our revenue on the line to show you that we care passionately about delivering amazing shortlists.

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